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BiPAP Therapy: When Do You Need It


Bilevel positive airway pressure, simply known as BiPAP or BPAP, can be best described as a mechanical breathing device that comes equipped with a mask and is used to treat conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and several other health issues that affect one’s breathing.

While some people look at BiPAP as a substitute for continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP, the fact is that it proves to be more effective than the latter on several occasions. CPAP is known for offering consistent air pressure. BiPAP, on the other hand, provides varying pressure during processes like exhalations and inhalations. BiPAP therapy proves to be of great help to individuals who find it difficult to exhale when they face the continuous pressure exerted by CPAP.

Functions Performed by BiPAP Machine

Before taking a BiPAP machine on rent, you should have a decent amount of knowledge about how it works. A BiPAP machine is recommended to be used when you are able to breathe but require a bit of help to push air closer to your lungs.

A BiPAP machine plays an important role in maintaining or regulating healthy oxygen levels. Apart from being used in hospitals and medical facilities, BiPAP machines are also used extensively in personal spaces like your home.

The structure and mechanism of a BPAP machine is quite similar to that of a conventional CPAP machine. Whether you use a BPAP or CPAP machine, you will be required to use a face mask and should expect to see tubing linked to the device.

When you see two different devices in front of you, you should know they would be dissimilar to each other in a few ways. To understand the differences between the two devices better, one has to study the pressurized air settings the BiPAP comprises of.

Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP)

This refers to the pressure the device offers when the individual exhales. As compared to a CPAP machine, a BPAP machine provides a lower pressure that enables you to breathe out without any difficulty.

Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP)

This refers to the pressure the device provides when the individual inhales. The IPAP offered by a BiPAP machine tends to be higher than the kind provided by a CPAP machine. When an individual inhales, the BiPAP machine supports their breath intake.

BiPAP Variations

BiPAP pressures are mostly preset based on the prescription provided by the doctor. You could be required to change them based on your breathing pattern. Apart from the standard settings, a bunch of other variations are available to you as well.

Auto or Adaptive Servo-Ventilation (ASV)

These are advanced settings that are used for varying the length, volume and timing of the breaths delivered by the machine.

Bilevel ST

This takes into account a breath’s timed delivery when the machine observes a pause or brief interruption in your breathing. It greatly helps in detecting the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

Requirement of BiPAP Therapy

BiPAP is a type of breathing support that helps in treating disorders like central sleep apnea. A disorder like CSA is usually detected when the brain fails to send signals to your muscles in a proper manner. By muscles, we mean the ones that are supposed to control your breathing.

Central sleep apnea can be caused by a variety of factors including multiple system atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure, sleep-disordered breathing and some kind of stroke you might have experienced in the past.


While doing research on Resmed BIPAP machine price, you will get to know that a BiPAP machine costs higher than a regular CPAP machine. Depending on the brand and model you opt for, a BiPAP machine would cost you twice or thrice more than an average CPAP machine. If you wish to get a BiPAP Machine on rent, you should get in touch with LG Respicare.