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10 Black Tea Benefits, According to Experts

While we may turn to specific teas to ease symptoms of menstrual discomfort (like mint tea) or make an iced tea to sleeping and sleep, black tea is one of the most loved kinds that receives little praise for its benefits. If you’re looking to pour yourself a cup of green or coffee tea, we spoke to experts to discuss the reasons you should sip an iced tea and what benefits to know about.

The consumption of black tea is a nutritious choice that is sugar-free, calorie-free and packed with antioxidants, claims Amanda Holtzer, M.S., R.D., a dietitian at Culina Health. It’s actually the most popular beverage consumed worldwide, other than water, which makes it an integral aspect of the lives of many.

So long as you’re in any way sensitive to caffeine, aren’t sensitive to the tea or add a lot of sugar to your tea Drinking regularly on black tea could bring important health benefits to your daily routine, according to Robin Foroutan, M.S., R.D.N., integrative dietitian. In addition, while black tea is a great source of health benefits, you need to be aware of its effects when you suffer from anemia since it may lower iron absorption, according to Anna Rios, R.D.N. who is the registered dietitian behind Healthy Simple Yum.

Although one of the most appealing benefits of drinking dark tea is the fact that it’s warming and comforting taste, and it’s available for cheap prices almost anywhere, we reached out to experts to explain the most beneficial benefits of black tea the next time you’re brewing your cup.

Black tea has many benefits. Helps you focus

Due to the amount of caffeine in black tea, it may aid in focusing as well as energy, Holtzer says. The tea that is brewed in a drink contains around one-third to half the amount of caffeine as the coffee cup. It’s a great choice for those who need that extra boost, but without the energizing taste According to Foroutan. “Because tea has caffeine plus L-theanine, a compound that helps your body make more calming neurotransmitters, black tea can give you a more balanced boost,” she adds.

Improves heart health

A recent study has found that drinking the consumption of two or more cups black tea daily can reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease the ischemic heart condition and stroke. Tea can also enhance the health and functioning of the layer of endothelium that lines the blood vessels, according to Foroutan. This will help to improve circulation of blood throughout the body and promote the healthy development of blood pressure. “Tea drinkers have been found to have a lower risk for strokes and atherosclerosis,” Rios says. The antioxidants in black tea known as flavonoids may also reduce the risk of developing heart illness, Rios says.

Reduces LDL cholesterol

Holtzer states that some studies suggest that, in addition to overall health and heart health black tea included in the diet may help lower LDL cholesterol, also known to be “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Another study has shown that even though it does not necessarily have a direct impact on the overall or HDL cholesterol, it may significantly reduce levels of LDL.

Lowers blood pressure

A recent review of science found that regular consumption of black tea will improve blood pressure. Studies have found it is possible to drink black tea. This could enhance the risk for those suffering with high blood pressure such as strokes.

Improves the health of your gut

The antioxidants in black tea may positively affect microbes in the gut Foroutan claims. Rios says “Polyphenols can also promote the growth of food bacteria in the gut which leads to improved gut health.” Research on polyphenol’s beneficial effects on gut health supports it.

Reduces inflammation

Black tea is rich in antioxidants known as polyphenols, which can in reducing inflammation Rios states, and this could help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Holtzer states that these polyphenols shield the body from oxidative stress. This could reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses, inflammation, cancer, and heart disease.

Protects against UV damage

“There’s some compelling research about drinking tea and preventing UV damage from sun exposure,” Foroutan adds. But, you must apply some sunscreen before you go out in the sun since more research is required.

It has anti-cancer properties.

Studies have shown that drinking tea regularly reduces the chances of dying prematurely from cancer. Foroutan states that tea contains numerous anti-cancer properties. It can also help protect your DNA from damage caused by oxidation which reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

Balances blood sugar levels

Particularly if you don’t add sweetener to the tea and it’s a non-sugar drink that helps hydrate the body as well as provide anti-inflammatory properties that can will positively impact blood sugar levels, Rios states. It’s also a good option for people who want to control blood sugar levels or suffer from prediabetes or diabetes, Holtzer adds.

Maintains a healthy weight

While people have been talking about the benefits of weight-loss tea for a long time but a new study found that regular consumption of black tea can reduce digestion and absorption of complex sugars and fats which could help maintain a healthy weight loss without digestive discomfort. Looking for the best black tea in India? Look no further! Our premium black tea is sourced from the top tea gardens in the country, ensuring a rich, full-bodied flavor and unparalleled aroma.