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Cape Air Plane Top 5 Things to Do In St. Croix

Cape Air Plane’s most recent trip to St. Croix was filled with lots of adventure and fun, from seeing the natural beauty of Buck Island to touring the world-famous Louisenhoj Botanical Gardens. We want to share our top five things to do in St. Croix with you so that your visit to this beautiful Caribbean island will be all you hope it will be! Here they are!

1) Virgin Islands National Park

This national park offers breath-taking views of nearby islands, including Virgin Gorda and Tortola, as well as a view into one of North America’s largest barrier reefs. Enjoy boat tours to sunken ships and water excursions during which you can snorkel alongside an abundance of fish. The St. John Island portion of Virgin Islands National Park is known for its natural beauty and contains sites of cultural interest like Caneel Bay, which is frequently compared to that at Hawaii’s Mauna Kea resort complex. Traveling to a different island in the United States from Boston (the main hub for Cape Air flights to St. Croix) takes around three hours on average—longer than Cape air Booking, a flight between major cities in many other countries—so visiting a different part of St.

2) Salt River Bay National Historical Park

Salt River Bay is one of Virgin Islands’ most precious resources. Protected by law as a National Historical Park, Salt River Bay features a pristine sandy beach where guests can learn about underwater snorkelling while they view and feed fish through their masks. While in Salt River Bay, Cape Air offers daily trips to neighbouring Coral World Ocean Park on Coki Beach for an extra fee.

3) Christiansted National Historic Site

Once a booming town and shipping port, Christiansted has retained its historic feel in two ways: Most of its buildings are either original or replicas from that era, and some of its old warehouses still stand on display (one is used for storage, which flies to and from Christiansted as well as nearby Frederiksted). If you find yourself in need of a walking break, it’s hard to beat a stroll down King Street to get back in touch with history—and some good souvenir shopping. The best part: For just $6 USD, an all-day shuttle bus will take you back and forth between Frederiksted Airport and Christiansted at your leisure.

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4) Frederiksted

Frederiksted is a city and port in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands that you can visit when you fly to St. Croix r! It’s one of only two true towns on all of US territory, along with Christiansted, which lies just east of Frederiksted on Route 80. Frederiksted is well-known for its historical significance—some dates back to 1699—and boasts an impressive collection of 19th-century architecture and ruins that pay homage to its long history as an international commercial centre and seafaring port town.

5) Mongoose Junction

Whether you’re looking for solitude or simply want to be closer to nature, Mongoose Junction is a fantastic spot. This little outpost was created with visiting day-trippers in mind and has several hiking trails, jungle gym sets, and a hammock lounge area. There’s also access to several small beaches—don’t forget your snorkel gear! If you’re still in need of something to do, a 30-minute walk will bring you to Red Hook where there are several shops and restaurants. After all that exploring? Snack on your favourite sandwiches from Nikki’s Grill (available at Nikki’s Convenience Store) then book your flight home from Cape Air flights.