How Do You Choose A Software Development Company To Launch Your MVP?

I’ve heard a lot of stories about founders getting screwed by development agencies and having to restart projects two or three times. Starting from the ground up. 

These two tales are actually quite similar. Every second client we’ve had came to us with unfinished software from previous teams. 

So, how can you locate and employ a software development company that can assist you in effectively developing and launching your first software version? (MVP)

I’d like to share with you a some-step process for evaluating subcontractors.

Go over it with each of the nominated agencies in this order, and don’t move on to the next step if the previous one failed.


I’d like to discover a software development agency that has a project in their portfolio that is quite comparable to what I’m looking to do. That means my job will be finished considerably more quickly and at a lower cost.

It’s true that finding the correct vendor who has previously completed a similar project is difficult.

If they don’t have a similar project in their portfolio, examine if they’ve worked on a similar software product before. Online marketplaces, social networks, booking software, SaaS apps, marketing tools, and business automation systems are just a few examples.

Savvy in the business:

It’s beneficial to have a technical partner who understands your company objectives while developing a software product, whether it’s for sale or merely a tool for your existing business.

When we delegate tasks to developers at our agency, we strive to provide as much context information as feasible.

We discovered that putting more information in the hands of the right developer leads to faster, more cost-effective, and higher-quality results.

As a result, I strongly advise you to be upfront with your chosen agency and offer as much information as possible.

Avoid teams that are overly motivated by technology but show no interest in your company’s aims.

Work for Free:

Working with a corporation that is willing to undertake any type of free work for you is a bad idea. Whether it’s a two-hour consultation or a short discovery workshop.

You want to work with a reputable software development company that has satisfied customers.

An agency with satisfied customers is always pressed for time and overbooked. A developer’s hour is very expensive.

Another strong clue that there is a system in place and a good group of satisfied customers is that the agency exclusively accepts prepayments.

Fit on a Professional Level:

Apart from providing outstanding service, happy clients, amazing developers, an impressive portfolio, and genuinely caring about your success, it’s critical that both parties are on the same page when it comes to MINDSET, VALUES, and PROCESS.

Would you choose the largest US software development company if you operate a small business with 10 employees and want to construct a tiny programme to assist you automate your inventory?

May be Not.

For starters, they won’t consider you because of a minor request. Second, the higher pricing you’ll be charged won’t provide you with any more value.

You’ll probably avoid working with freelancers, on the other hand. You’ll want to follow a procedure and make sure you’re backed up by a team.


To summaries, there are a few criteria you should apply to each agency you’ve shortlisted.

  • Look through the portfolio for a similar project.
  • Speak with two or three references.
  • Are they actually enthusiastic about your marketing strategy?
  • Are they willing to work for no pay? 
  • Do you have the same philosophy, values, and process?

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