Common Causes for Teen Car Accidents

Your teenager will be able to drive the car, which will open up new possibilities and help them learn independence. It’s important to bring your teenager to driving school so they can learn all the safety precautions that they should take while on the roads.

These collisions resulted in devastating injuries for thousands more drivers, underscoring how important it is to practice road safety. There are many causes for these accidents, so it is important to be aware of them and ensure that your teen drives safely. These are the top causes of teenage car accidents.

1. Texting while driving

Teenage car accidents are often caused by teens using their smart phones while driving. The Journal of Adolescent Healthcare shows that teens in rural areas are more likely to text while driving. Only 38 percent of teenage drivers admitted texting behind the wheel during the month prior.

Although your teen might be tempted to check their phones when they get a text message, it is important to enforce a no texting while driving policy. They should not use their phone while driving unless they are parked. This will encourage them to be responsible for their actions.

2. Driving under the Influence

Driving under the influence is the second leading cause of death among teens. No matter how much alcohol they have consumed, teens are more at risk of being in a collision with a motor vehicle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more high school students were in a car with a drunk teenager driver. Nearly 6 percent admitted to driving while impaired. Your teen should be taught the dangers of drunk driving early on. This will make them less likely to do the same.

3. Do not use the seat belt

The most convenient and effective safety measure that can be taken to protect your life is the seat belt. If your child is in a car accident, the simple act of buckling up can help them stay safe. Make sure that everyone in your household uses their seat belts every time they are in the car. Remind your teenager that the majority of fatal car crashes are caused by drivers who don’t buckle up.

4. Passenger Distractions

Distracted driving, even though it isn’t a common cause of car accidents can prove to be dangerous. Distracted driving can cause distractions in the car, such as a distracted teenager or a noisy passenger. This can make your teen less attentive to the movements of other cars and distract them from their driving. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, passenger distractions are more common than texting. Your teen should be driving friends with you. Make sure they are familiarized with the rules of passenger conduct and how to not disturb the driver.

5. Accelerating

Teens are more likely to be involved in car accidents when they drive recklessly, such as speeding. Teenagers may find driving fun and more exciting than they realize. They are more likely to speed past other cars. This can lead to a car accident that is both fatal for teenagers and for motorists who are following the speed limit.

6. Driving while you are asleep

You can be a danger on the roads if you don’t get enough sleep. Your reflexes are slower and your awareness of your surroundings is lessened. Your teen can become a dangerous driver if they aren’t well-rested.


Knowing the top causes of teenage car accidents can help you and your teenager prepare for the immense responsibility of driving. Driving school is a great way for your teen to learn safe driving habits and make sure they’re responsible drivers who don’t put others’ lives at risk.

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