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How to get a Community Tab on YouTube?

As YouTube is emerging as one of the most viewed video platforms, it is also improving its qualities and features. YouTube has continuously upgraded its services to ensure every creator and audience gets the relevant features.

As told above, YouTube upgrades its features occasionally and works on providing the best service to the creators and audience; one of the services is the community tab. It has been only 5 to 6 years since the community tab, but most people still need to learn what it is. 

They are losing many things as they have yet to learn about them and their benefits. If you also fall into the same category, do not worry now; we will cover everything about the community tab, its features, and how to get it on YouTube.

• What is a Community Tab?

Before landing on how to get a community Tab on your channel, we will cover the basics of a community tab. We will tell you in a simple and basic way to make you understand this term better.

A community tab is a feature on the YouTube channel where a creator can post and stay connected with the audience, even when they are not uploading any video content. Some of you might get confused and not understand what we are trying to say.

We are trying another method to make you understand this better. If you land on the main page of a creator’s channel on YouTube, you will see tabs like videos, playlists, and about sections, among others.

Among all of these sections, you must have seen a community tab also. Yes, this was the thing that we were talking about. A community tab helps the creator post pictures, videos, gifs, and polls.

• Are You Eligible to get a Community Tab?

You have now understood what exactly a community tab is. You might have a question now: Are you eligible for a commentary tab? Who are eligible to get the community tab?

We will now answer the eligible people to get a commentary tab on their YouTube channel. You have now understood that a community tab can appear on a creator’s channel only.

If you are an audience or viewer and not running a YouTube channel, we are sorry, but you are not eligible or allowed to get a community tab. Other than this, the YouTube channels made for only Kids are also not eligible to get the same.

• What are the Requirements to get a Community Tab?

As we have covered what a community tab is and who all are eligible to get the same in the above sections, we will now focus on the requirements to get a community tab on a creator’s channel.

Just like some requirements must be fulfilled to get your YouTube channel monetized, the same goes for getting a community tab. If you can fulfill the requirement, congratulations, your name will get selected to get the community tab.

The basic requirement to get the community tab on your YouTube channel is to have at least 1000 subscribers. That’s it? Yes, no rocket science requirements must be fulfilled to get the community tab.

Once your channel gets the said amount of subscribers, you will automatically get the section of the community tab within a week. Most creators might get this doubt or question as they have yet to get the community tab, although their channel has crossed 1000 subscribers.

Stay calm now if you are also facing the same problem. You will need to enable custom channel layouts to get the community tab. Your confusion might have cleared now.

• How can you Use a Community Tab?

As everything about the community tab is cleared, you might be thinking of its advantages. You may be wondering why we have not mentioned them till now. Your wait has over, as we will now cover some of the positive sides or the advantages of a community tab in this section.

1. A poll gear

If you are not uploading any video content for any reason, you can ask your audience to give their suggestion or show interest in the upcoming content. You can do this by asking about their priorities through the polls in the community tab.

2. Sharing the Upcoming Content

One of the best use of the community tab is to surprise your audience by giving them a hint of your upcoming work or content. You can post a message or an image to keep your audience calm.

3. Sharing the BTS Videos

Although the audience needs professionalism in your videos, the fun way is not the hated thing. Most fans want to see what you look like behind the cameras and what you do during that time.

Here comes the BTS or Behind the Scenes video. Feel free to share the BTS videos as it grows your popularity and trust with the audience.

4. Pay attention to the Comments

One of the best ways to have your audience trust and love you is to pay attention to their comments. Just like they can comment on your videos, they also have the option to comment on the post of your community tab.

Liking or replying to your fans’ comments will increase their trust level in you. This act will let them think that you are also investing your time in the comments, which will grow the horizon of your fans.

5. Pinning a Comment

If an audience cannot see your liked comments or replies but a pinned comment, it will greatly help you. A pinned comment by you will make your audience think you have invested some time in that comment, increasing their trust in you.

• What is the Final Conclusion?

As you now understand the advantages and benefits of having a community tab, you should use the opportunity to stay close and connected with your audience more than before. You can also get plenty of other advantages if you are not uploading your content.