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5 Types Of Custom Packaging For Ecommerce Businesses

For consumers of various products, it is not only what’s inside the packages that counts but also the overall custom packaging of the products that come with it. To ensure the successful delivery of your products at the customer’s doorstep, it is highly important to consider the right kind of packaging options to ship your products which will not only increase the brand value of your business but also allow the customers to develop a sense of reliability regarding your products. In this article, five amazing custom packaging solutions are being discussed that may prove to be fruitful for your eCommerce business:

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes also known as cardboard is significantly used worldwide for packing many products and being delivered to consumers worldwide. These types of boxes are widely used by transport companies to undergo various shipment and delivery orders in the form of cargo. Various kinds of cardboards highly impact the strength and durability of the box which is also differentiated based on flutes present on the liner boards that are glued on top and bottom of the box. Larger the size of the flute better the cushioning and compression resistance allowing your products to be safe and secure while being shipped.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are lightweight yet tough folding carton boxes that may lay flat when not in usage. They can easily be cut and shaped to design custom structures as per your requirement. It surely adds a beautiful, preventive, and personalized touch to the custom packaging of your products. This may include several types of boxes made up of paperboard:

  • Coated and Recycled Paperboard
  • Unbleached Kraft Boxes
  • Chipboard Paper Boxes
  • Bleached Sulfate Boxes

Foil- Sealed Bags

It’s the type of custom packaging that is being used for products like cured meats, coffee jars, and cheese, etc. to maintain the freshness and taste of the products. It is also used to increase the shelf life of the eatables and also prevents them from any bacteria and contamination. While using foil sealed bags, oxygen is being sucked out of the container to keep the fabric intact, tight, and also secured. It may not be the cheapest packaging choice but is necessary when it comes to shipping the top-tier eateries.

Rigid Boxes

This kind of custom packaging boxes is being used by many companies worldwide and is highly preferred by many businesses offering quality products. These boxes are relatively expensive and are used to deliver products like jewelry items, shoes, cell phones, etc. They are crafted with a paperboard that is highly condensed making it quite thicker than the standard paperboard. They are designed in a way that makes them noncollapsible and also expensive in this regard. Some high-end eCommerce businesses highly prefer rigid boxes to ensure the safe and secure shipment of the products.

Custom Lip Liner Boxes

Custom lip liner Boxes refer to be thin and flexible plastic bags made up of film fabric normally found to be wrapped around flowers, chemicals, or food products, magazines, etc. that require safe and secure delivery and shipping to potential customers. One of the great benefits of Lip Liner Boxes is that they are light in weight and cheaper as compared to other packaging solutions and are also highly flexible. This packaging solution is designed in a way that may accommodate products of all sizes. 

Wrapping It Up!

Custom Packaging solution plays an important role in representing your product to your consumers in a right manner and keeping them secure during the shipment which is why choosing right packaging is highly important that may compliment your product.

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