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A brief discussion on how effective is Invisalign treatment

A brief discussion on how effective is Invisalign treatment

If you were given a choice, which one would you have chosen between traditional braces and clear aligners? If your choice is clear aligners then you belong to the majority group of people in the world As far as the world of modern orthodontic dentistry is concerned, the option of clear aligners has come into existence over the last couple of decades or so and since then it has only grown in popularity. Currently it is one of the most popular approaches all over the world to realign or straighten the teeth and the UK is no exception.

Unarguably, the most popular and perhaps the oldest version of clear orthodontic aligners is Invisalign; it first made its commercial appearance in 1998 and was introduced by the Align Technology. Gradually other clear aligner appliances were introduced to the market by different brands like ClearCorrect, Spark and others. In the following sections of the blog post we will take a closer look at Invisalign and explore its pros and cons along with few other vital aspects so that taking an informed decision becomes easier for you as and when the time comes.

What actually is Invisalign?

A busy dentist renowned for providing “state of the art” Invisalign treatment in the UK explains Invisalign is basically the brand name of a particular variety of thin clear aligners which is meant for orthodontic treatment. The range of appliances is made from high grade, flexible thermoplastic material called SmartTrack. It is important to mention that this range of appliances is meant to make orthodontic treatments less conspicuous. Invisalign aligner trays may not be absolutely invisible inside your mouth but it is custom fitted over your teeth and compared to traditional metal wires and brackets these are much less noticeable.  

The type of dental problems Invisalign can correct

Invisalign is a versatile solution to correct a range of orthodontic issues including certain bite issues ranging from mild to moderate, crowding and spacing issues and others. Moreover it can also correct issues like open bite, under bite, over bite, cross bite. A large number of dentists also rely on it to correct the problem of gapped teeth. 

It is relevant to mention in this context that researches that are currently undergoing suggest the orthodontic procedure may also prove effective correcting some more orthodontic [problems as well. According to a dentist who quotes reasonable cost for Invisalign treatment in the UK explains unlike many other orthodontic procedures Invisalign is still fast evolving and is steadily improving with time to cure more and more issues related to the teeth, jaws and the bite more convincingly.

How to get your Invisalign braces?

The step toward Invisalign treatment is to visit a dentist or orthodontist who is specialised in providing Invisalign treatment. The specialist diagnoses your mouth thoroughly and interacts with you to know about your unique expectations from the treatment during that customary initial appointment. Now at this stage if everything is positive then the dentist moves on to create a 3D image of your entire mouth including the teeth and the jaw. Based on this 3D image the expert prepares your unique treatment plan to gradually shift your teeth to proper place.    

Based on the treatment plan a series of clear plastic aligner trays custom fitted for your teeth is prepared at a remote Invisalign lab. These aligner trays exert the right and calculated pressure on your teeth to facilitate their movement gently into their ideal positions in your mouth. Usually you will use a set of aligner trays for about two weeks and then you have to switch over to the next of the appliances. All these inherent instructions related to the treatment will be provided by your treatment provider at the right time. It is important to keep wearing the aligner trays at least 20 to 22 hours every day to ensure desired and timely results from the treatment explains a dentist who charges reasonable price for Invisalign in London.  

How effective is this cutting-edge procedure 

Anecdotal evidences are not sufficient to jump on the Invisalign bandwagon. You may have friends who have had excellent results but that does not mean it is okay for you to take an impulsive decision. According to clinical data that has been obtained so far it is certainly one of the most effective treatments under the category of clear aligners. Actually since 2010 Invisalign proves to be unbelievably effective in delivering expected results and making patients all over the world happy and satisfied with the treatment. The newer version of the aligner trays that the manufacturer Align Technology started producing enhanced the effectiveness of Invisalign by manifolds. The new range of the appliances improved the delivery force on the teeth of a patient to Invisalign a big success in the world of modern dentistry.

How Invisalign can work better

In order to make sure that your custom fitted Invisalign aligner trays work effectively in moving your teeth you must wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. This is the most crucial compliance that Invisalign technology wants from its patients. You are supposed to take out the removable aligners only while having a meal or a snack, drinking anything else than water, brushing and flossing the teeth and cleaning the aligner trays explains a dentist who quotes absolutely reasonable price for Invisalign in London.

While cleaning the aligners every time, you must be little careful. If you use hot water in cleaning it is likely to warp the plastic which in other words mean the appliance may not more sit on your teeth as tightly as it should. That halts the progress of your treatment. Even the level of complexity involved in a given case may come in the way how these clear plastic aligners may work for a patient. Usually cases that involve higher levels of complexity take longer time to get sorted by this treatment which is also the case with conventional metal braces. Even the age and gender of patients play a role in this connection point out dentists working at the renowned Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic in London. The rate of movement of the teeth increases a little between the age group of 35 and 50 which suggests Invisalign is more effective for this age group of patients.