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Download Latest CA Foundation Papers: MTP, RTP, Previous Year Question Papers

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Download CA Foundation Papers

The new set of CA Foundation Papers is now available here. Download them to understand the latest CA Foundation Paper Pattern and get ready for the upcoming exams. The new papers have questions that require more analytical and practical knowledge. So don’t skip practicing from the new papers. You can get the complete set of test papers with answers from CA Wizard (visit link below).

CA Wizard is a one-stop-shop online platform for CA students. If you are also an aspiring CA student, you can get the latest resources and guidance from there. The latest study modules and papers, study tips and guides, important ICAI announcements and news, and everything you should know that affects your CA course journey is covered by CA Wizard.

Download all CA Foundation Papers from CA Wizard

All the papers shared by ICAI are available on CA Wizard.

Download CA Foundation Papers

In the above-given link, you will find all the latest and old

  • CA Foundation Question Papers PDFs
  • CA Foundation Mock Test Papers
  • CA Foundation Revision Test Papers

CA Foundation Paper Pattern

Before giving the CA Foundation exams, it is important that you understand the exam pattern. In the table below, you can see the exam pattern in brief. For detailed information on types of questions that can come in exams, visit CA Wizard.

CA Foundation SubjectsPrinciples and Practice of Accounting Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting Business Mathematics and Logical reasoning & Statistics Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
Exam Duration3 hours for Subject 1 and 2 2 hours for Subject 3 and 4
CA Foundation Paper Pattern1, 2: Subjective 3, 4: Objective (0.25 negative marking)
Total Marks400 marks (100 x 4)
Passing CriteriaScore minimum 40% marks in each paperScore 50% aggregate marks

Why practice with CA Foundation Papers?

Solving a few sets of papers for the CA Foundation is very important and beneficial for students. If you do not want to pass but get high scores/rank in CA Foundation. If you are giving CA Foundation exams, you should not leave the papers.

  • Solving them will give you insights into your weaknesses, and you can improve them before exams.
  • If you were feeling nervous, then you will feel more confident after solving CA Foundation papers.
  • While solving the papers, you will know which topics take more time. Then you can plan for efficient time management in exams.
  • You can improve your answer presentation and writing skills with mock test practice.
  • Many students make mistakes in filling OMR sheets in subject 3 and 4 exams, due to which they lose marks. The negative marking also impacts a lot. So you need to be very careful while filling the OMR sheets. When you solve any papers, you can use OMR sheets. That way, you will become habitual in filling the OMR sheets and avoid mistakes in exams.

Tips to Solve CA Foundation Papers while Practicing

  • Before solving CA Foundation Papers, you should first ensure that you have completed the syllabus at least once with one revision.
  • Use similar stationery material throughout the exams. Even use the same type of stationery in the main exams.
  • Don’t use abbreviations or short answers until the question demands. Write the answers to the questions honestly. It will give you the correct analysis of your performance and preparation.
  • Keep your answer sheet neat and tidy. Write answers in proper format with the appropriate presentation. If you don’t pay attention to this aspect, you will struggle with writing proper answers in the exams and negatively impact the examiner checking your answer copy.
  • Read the question paper carefully and try to allocate the 15 minute reading time efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. From where to download CA Foundation Question Papers?

Ans. You can get the last attempts’ papers with solutions from CA Wizard.

Q2. How can I obtain CA Foundation Mock Test Papers?

Ans. You can get the solved ICAI MTPs from CA Wizard.

Q3. How can I get CA Foundation Revision Test Papers?

Ans. You can download the revision papers from CA Wizard.

Q4. Are the CA Foundation level exams easy or difficult?

Ans. ICAI sets the CA Foundation exam papers at a moderate difficulty level.

Q5. How many hours should I study for CA Foundation?

Ans. You must study for 8-10 hours a day for CA Foundation.

Q6. Are ICAI papers enough for practice?

Ans. ICAI papers will help you a lot, and you should solve the ICAI papers. They are enough if you only want to pass the CA Foundation exams. But if you aim to score high marks in the exams, you should practice from more CA Foundation Mock test papers.

Just because CA Foundation is the entry-level exam, don’t take it lightly. Be serious with your preparation. Solve the CA Foundation Question Papers to improve your preparation. Solving the papers before exams will give you an edge. Visit CA Wizard for more guidance and to download the CA Foundation Papers.

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