Facilities of Venkateshwar Signature School in Raipur

Venkateshwar Signature School, a newly established 7-star educational institute, situated in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, has already become a leading school in the city. The school was founded by the Dharam foundation in 2020 in the city. This is a CBSE-affiliated school, situated near International Cricket Stadium, at NH6.

Basic details of VSS

The campus area of the school is a whopping 100000 Sq./Mtr. And the school is originally built on 25 acres of land with a built-up area of 200000 Sq. Feet. There is a wide range of amenities for students, i.e., hostel, swimming pool, gymnasium, music room, indoor game room, health & medical checkup facilities.

The Motto of VSS

Value – Imbibing rich universal, moral and traditional value

 Strength – Developing strength of the body, mind & senses

 Success- Transforming aims into accomplishments


Platinum Rated Green Building: First-ever platinum-rated green building has been established in Chhattisgarh, & the third school all over India.

Temperature-controlled campus: The institute offers the first centrally air-conditioned school in Chhattisgarh.

GPS enabled transport system: The school installed GPS in all its school buses & an automatic attendance system for the convenience of its students.

State of art auditorium: An indoor auditorium was built with 3D technology that makes it a state of art auditorium with 500 seating capacity.

State of art classroom: The school has already its inbuilt E-education along with a stepped teaching room for mainly higher education classes.

Robotics labs: The school has come with robotic labs that are first of their own in Chhattisgarh, to dedicate those to the students.

Seminar halls: The school has equipped its seminar halls with audio-visual aids. It will help in conducting meetings & workshops on a hassle-freeway. It is also meant to conduct inter-school competition & parent-teachers meetings.

Library: The libraries that are established are well stocked, spacious & computerized with internet connectivity that encourages reading & research skills among students.

Hi-tech computer lab: A hi-tech computer lab is dedicated to sharpening the analytical & critical analysis skills of the students. The computers are equipped with advanced technology & software. These will help the students to learn designing, app development & programming.

Resource room: A multipurpose resource room has been established to conduct innovative games on flashcards, chats, toys & puzzles. There is also the availability of other teaching aids that stimulate the mind to bring out creativity to improve the learning process.

Conference room: The Venkateshwar Signature School has equipped its campus with modernity & high supplies to conduct executive conferences, social events & other meetings.

Academic approach

Pedagogy: The venkateshwar signature school is a CBSE affiliated top schools in raipur, The school believes in three H, that is head, heart & hand to make the school environment healthy, warm & learner-friendly. It aims to provide students 21st-century core skills, i.e., communication, imagination, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, personal development, leadership, digital literacy, etc.

Curriculum: The school believes that every individual is different, has different skills that can be used to improve society if nurtured. The scientifically designed institute aims at helping the student to become a responsible citizen towards the nation & environment. The school encourages to strengthen the basic concept, & to maximize the potential; by building team spirit & instilling confidence.

Experimental learning: Students are guided for developing new ideas. Students are given aids & encouraged to participate in competition level. Atal tinkering lab has been established with the grant from NITI Aayog to help the students to think differently & innovatively. A 3D printing lab has also been established to foster students’ creativity & imagination.

Scientific temperament: the school encourages students to use laboratories, take into consideration outdoor experiments & undertake field visits, be exposed to astronomical science activities & STEM.

IT-edge: The school established an organic ERP solution, SkoolRoom to ensure the smooth functioning of the institute. A mobile-based ERP solution has also been established to manage schools. The software that is created helps to enhance school branding on the day-to-day activities. The software also helps to keep the track of the students. The parents can easily access it for curriculum & exams, etc.

Beyond the academic approach

E-Waste Management: The school believes in making the environment a better place to live. So it encourages waste management, from the micro-level to the broader level.

Recycle & Reuse of Old Books: For every semester, hundreds of books are being printed for academic learning; the school uses those again or recycles those.

Roti Bank: The students are discouraged to throw the foods away; instead they are advised to give the extra foods to the underprivileged section of the society.

Sanitary & Napkin Dispenser: The school provides eco-friendly sanitary napkins to female students, installed vending machines for the cause.

Biodiversity: The school has Butterfly Park, a fish pond, bird aviary to promote a healthy environment.

Sports arena: The school has four tennis courts, a kindergarten play area & Badminton Park, etc. to encourage sports activities on the school campus.

The school provides a multipurpose facility, with a child-friendly environment. This is a seven-star school with international standard that helps to shape your child’s future in a better way.

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