First Birthday Gift Ideas That Would Surely Delight Your Little One

Time flies so fast. A few months ago, your baby is still so small and dependent on you. But now, your little one is already turning a year old and is slowly starting to explore a lot of things around him. First birthdays are indeed a great time to celebrate your baby’s milestones. It is also a perfect time to reunite and gather with loved ones to celebrate the first year of your baby in this world. 

Whether you are the parent or you’re invited to a first birthday party, it would truly make the celebrant delighted when you have a gift for him or her. Kids love gifts and even if they are still young, you could really bring a smile to their faces by gifting them something on their birthday. If you’re looking for great gift ideas, here are some of the best ones to consider. 


Usually, toddlers these ages are already practicing their walking skills. A walker or mini stroller is a great first birthday gift for both boys and girls. They could use this to practice walking and even make it easier to mimic grown up actions. It is really a worth it gift that helps a lot in a toddler’s physical development. 

Art Supplies

Even if they are still young, they could already practice better hand control by scribbling and doodling. Giving them non-toxic art supplies such as crayons, washable markers, and a drawing book can greatly encourage their love for drawing at a young age. They could also learn a lot of things from it such as colours, shapes, and many more. 

Bath Set

For kids that love staying a lot in the bath, one of the best things you could gift them is a bath time set. A baby bath hamper is one of the best personalised baby gifts you could bring on a first birthday celebration. It contains all bath essentials that is safe and gentle to the skin – from body wash, baby shampoo, and even some bath toys to make bath time more fun and enjoyable. 


Toddlers are visual learners during this stage and they really do love stories. Even though they can’t read or understand yet the story, they would surely love storybooks especially when their parents read to them. When choosing books for toddlers, look for ones that have colourful illustrations to catch their attention and grab their interest to listen to the story. 

Puzzle Toys

Kids learn a lot through play. Puzzles and other educational toys are really perfect to nurture a child’s thinking skills. For toddlers, gift them simple puzzles first with just a few big pieces. As they grow older, they could slowly proceed to more complex puzzles that are more challenging to their mind. 

It can be quite difficult or confusing to choose a gift for one-year old. However, you could make the list shorter by taking into consideration the preferences and the skills of the child plus those gift ideas mentioned above.