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A Complete Guide to the HashiCorp Terraform Certification Exam

Terraform is an open-source IaC (Infrastructure as Code) program developed by HashiCorp in 2014. The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Exam is one of several HashiCorp Cloud Engineering Certifications that allow cloud engineers to demonstrate and certify their multi-cloud knowledge.

However, compared to other qualifications in the same field, this one is more theoretical than practical.

This Terraform certification has transformed the way cloud and on-premise infrastructure are managed. This article aims to provide all the details regarding this certification.

About Terraform 

Terraform is an organization tool that works with any cloud, private or public, and allows for the development, management, and enhancement of infrastructure as code. Created using the Go programming language, it is a popular infrastructure automation IaC tool for automatically creating, editing, and versioning any cloud and on-premise infrastructure. 

Terraform allows you to declare an intended infrastructure by utilizing the HashiCorp Configuration Language, a high-level configuration language (HCL). Any low-level and high-level components, such as computing instances, storage, networking, DNS records, SaaS services, and so on, can be included in the architecture.

It offers a simple syntax that allows you to securely and efficiently provide infrastructure across multiple clouds, on-premises data centers, and re-supply infrastructure in reaction to configuration changes. It can also manage both third-party services and custom in-house solutions. In addition, Terraform can build these resources in parallel across all servers, whether hosted by AWS, Cloudflare, Heroku, or any other provider. 

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Who should take the exam? 

The Terraform Associate certification is for cloud engineers specializing in operations, IT, or development, who are acquainted with the fundamental ideas and abilities of open source HashiCorp Terraform. 

Two requirements for the test, per HashiCorp, are as follows: 

  • Terminal fundamentals, and 
  • Fundamental knowledge of on-premises and cloud architecture. 

Additionally, HashiCorp states that professional production experience using Terraform can help you prepare for the exam. 

Exam Details                      

The HashiCorp Terraform Certification is an hour-long examination with multiple-choice questions. Though there is no official message regarding the number of questions, exam takers’ experiences indicate that the exam has 50-60 questions. In addition, HashiCorp has not formally revealed the passing score, but if you score 70%, you have a good chance of clearing the test.

The Terraform certification costs $70.50 and is available in English only. The validity period of this certification is two years from the date of issue. It takes 10 days to get the certification’s digital badge. 

Regarding the test format, HashiCorp provides Exam Objectives that will give you a detailed explanation of what you need to know for each topic. The nine essential objectives are: 

  • Recognize infrastructure as code (IaC) concepts 
  • Recognize Terraform’s function (vs. other IaC) 
  • Understand the fundamentals of Terraform. 
  • Make use of the Terraform CLI (outside of the core workflow) 
  • Experiment with Terraform modules. 
  • Navigate the Terraform workflow 
  • State implementation and maintenance 
  • Read, produce, and alter configuration 
  • Recognize Terraform Cloud and Enterprise capabilities 

How to prepare for the Terraform Certification Exam?

Due to the Terraform certificate’s popularity, many Terraform courses and resources are available online to prepare for the exam. These courses are highly suitable for Terraform online training at any level, whether novice or expert.  

HashiCorp has a compiled list of sample questions and an official study guide, which describes the fundamental disciplines you should be familiar with and includes some online tutorials and reference documents. You can also examine the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Exam Review, as this area has many theoretical questions. 

Using Terraform to practice your skills and familiarize yourself with the platform is a great way to begin Terraform training. So, you can set up a Terraform Cloud account and interact with the modules to better understand the medium.   

Scheduling the Exam 

Purchasing and scheduling for the HashiCorp Terraform Certification test are done independently, meaning your purchase remains saved in your account until you use it to schedule an exam appointment. Exam appointment spaces are limited, and planning early will give you the best chance of securing your selected day and time. Exam registration is done through the HashiCorp website. 

As for the exam itself, it is administered online through Zoom with a live proctor. To guarantee that the pages load properly, you must use a browser that is up to date. Thus, using Internet Explorer is not advised. 

Before the exam, you must submit a valid government ID showing the same name as on your exam enrollment. After that, the rules and regulations for the exam will be sent to your email.


The demand for Terraform-certified professionals is increasing daily. In the present market, Terraform is the DevOps expertise that is most in demand. With this certificate, you can demonstrate your knowledge of the multi-cloud. Therefore, gather all the tools you need to get your HashiCorp Terraform certification and prepare for the exam!