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Baldness the hair transplant explained without taboos

This is one of the most prominent complexes of male baldness to hit Winslegue, a famous YouTube specializing in male beauty. He decided to tell his FUE transplant without any taboos: duration, price, results … Photos and videos in support.You might not know it, but one in two men uses cosmetics. The male beauty market today weighs 51 million Euros worldwide.

Beard trimming, haircut, skin hydration, back waxing … In order to help men navigate the different products and techniques that exist, Winslegue, 38, launched in December 2020 his own tutorial channel on YouTube. It is followed today by more than 148,000 subscribers. The success is such that Larousse has just published a collection of his best advice and experiences.

Over the pages, he mentions in particular baldness, one of the most important complexes of men, and reviews the hair transplant he underwent. “I started to lose my hair very young, around 20 (…) and I decided to take the plunge in January 2020, at 35” in a Parisian clinic. He gives all the details of his FUE transplant, supporting photos and videos, on his blog. Hair transplant in Islamabad

The intervention lasts between 2 and 8 hours depending on the case to be treated and costs between 1,500 and 10,000 euros depending on the size of the area concerned and the stage of alopecia.

After taking the grafts from the back of the skull (this hair is genetically programmed to never fall out), the operation (under local anesthesia) starts: each graft from one to five hairs is implanted one by one in order to obtain the most natural result possible. A single session is often not enough: on average, two to three sessions are performed for an optimal and final density over a lifetime. Red spots and crusts may appear at the insertion points, they will disappear within ten days.

The implanted hair will grow like any other (10 to 15 centimeters per year) and will grow back for life. “However, be aware that 10% of hair falls out naturally from the age of fifty” he warns.

It will surely be necessary to repeat the operation

And if the implanted hair falls out just after the transplant (between the 4th and the 8th week), don’t panic: “It is normal that in the days which follow, most of the newly placed hair falls out, especially during shampoos. This process is normal and a growth cycle will begin. After a minimum of 12 months, the new hair will be fully developed. “

It will therefore be necessary to be patient to see the final result. However, “you will most certainly have to repeat the operation twice or times throughout your life in order to support the evolution of your baldness” he underlines in his report in December 2019, almost three years later.

He had just noticed that his baldness was regaining the hair of the animal after he stopped applying Minoxidil, a drug that slows down hair loss …

So he decided to try another method to hide his baldness: tricopigmentation. It consists of tattooing the scalp the same color as the hair in order to give the illusion of having much more material than in reality. The cost varies from 500 to 5000 euros depending on the area to be treated.

In a video posted Wednesday, he shows the result, a month after his stay in a Toulouse establishment.

But beware: the pigments used being bio-absorbable, the result lasts from 1 to 3 years and it will be necessary to perform a maintenance session every year.

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