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Healthy Nuts & Seeds To Make An Effective Diet

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healthy nuts and seeds

Nuts & seeds are great dietary snacks, but many forget incorporating them into their diet. The human body requires essential nutritions from different foods. Especially when you follow a fitness program or workout you need. At the same time, these foods keep you full and help you get rid of frequent eating habits.

Even many dieticians and nutritionists, too, suggest including nuts and seeds in diets because they are rich sources of good fats and dietary protein. Many nuts and seeds also provide rich dietary fibre and micronutrients. They make a perfect platter for a rich breakfast, lunch, or for snack time cravings.

  • The fats you get through nuts and seeds are not completely absorbed. So they help in maintaining body weight and help in burning energy.
  • They prevent heart disease risk factors for the number of unsaturated fats and other nutrients they carry.
  • A daily intake of 30 grammes of nuts every day is a healthy habit.

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What Are The Best Nuts and Seeds to Add in a Diet Plan?

Best Nuts for Your Diet Meal Plan:


In healthy nuts, almonds always rank at the top for various benefits they add. Studies also prove that they reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol level. Besides, even though you adopt a low-calorie diet, you can consume almonds. There are many ways to consume this healthy nut.

You can add almonds to your cereals, snacks, or desserts. Everything excessive is bad’, and thus there is a limit to its consumption. Take a handful of almonds a day or 30 almonds a day to intake a measured amount of fat.

Brazil Nuts

These nuts contain a rich amount of selenium that reduces cholesterol levels, inflammation, and oxidative stress. 10-15 Brazil nuts a day are the best amount for a balanced diet.


Pistachios, too, contain nutrients that improve cholesterol levels and heart disease risk factors. They also reduce increasing post-meal blood sugar levels. Limit its intake to 2 to 3 ounces or 28 to 80 grams a day for effective good health.

Macadamia Nuts

Do not forget to add macadamia nuts while making your diet. They contain high amounts of monounsaturated fat that effectively reduces heart diseases risks. Consume 10-15 macadamia nuts a day to take balanced nutrition.


Walnuts consumption can benefit you with a rich amount of omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid or ALA (omega-3 fatty acid). These nutrients prevent several heart disease risk factors. Take 8 to 15 whole walnuts every day to benefit from its rich nutritions.


Pecans, too, carry a lot of beneficial nutrition to prevent chronic diseases. They contain antioxidants that help in reducing the “bad” LDL cholesterol level. Fifteen pecans per day is a recommendable amount of consumption.


Although peanuts are from the legume family, they contain tree nuts’ nutrition and goodness. Like most other tree nuts, they prevent heart disease and also diabetes risk factors.


They provide various nutrients along with Vitamin E and help prevent heart disease factors. You can take 15 to 20 hazelnuts a day.

Best Seeds for Your Diet Meal Plan:

Chia Seeds

Good source of Omega-3 that will not help maintain your appetite but also reduce blood sugar and heart disease risk factors.

Hemp Seeds

When you can have protein from seeds, why to avoid them? Hemp seeds contain a good amount of dietary protein and essential amino acids. Hemp seed oil, too, is very effective for reducing eczema symptoms and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds, too, are good carriers of lignans that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Flax Seeds

Omega-3 is a great and helpful nutrient boosting weight loss process. So, if you are on this journey, do not avoid flax seeds from your diet. These seeds are a source of Omega-3 fats, fibre, lignans, and other nutrients. Its effects are evident in many cases that consuming chia seeds help reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and cancer risk factors.

Sunflower Seeds

These seeds are rich sources of both monounsaturated fats and omega-6 fats that help prevent different health problems.

Pumpkin Seeds

Not only these seeds but their oil, too, are good sources of monounsaturated and omega-6 fats. It helps improve heart health and symptoms of urinary disorders.

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