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How Packaging Attracts Customers?

Packaging is the vital part of marketing and branding for any company or business that sells its products. An average person spends 30mintues in a super store. Keller states that customers are usually exposed to more than 20000 product choices within 30 minute shopping session. These 30 minute is the time companies have to attract customers to buy its products. In today’s cut throat competitive environment and nerve perplexing competition custom packaging proves to be one of the best opportunities for manufacturers to communicate their brand message to customers. 

According to reports from California institute of technology and university of Miami packaging has proven itself as one of the most important factor in decision making. Buyer often go for product just because of its packaging. Only a right kind of packaging will catch the gaze of customers and will help your product to stand out in market. 

Have you ever thought what makes two same products succeed over the other one? How a product becomes customer favorite? Well packaging has immense power to attract customer and do digital marketing.  Packaging is the most crucial driver to foster the sales. 

Packaging and Branding go Hand in Hand:

Packaging speaks for the brand even before the product. It convinces customer about the quality of the product. Customer consider packaging as part of product’s experience.

Unconstrained Urge:

Consumer responds to color and advertisements. Customers usually get attracted to bright colored displays. Colors play important role as customers prefer to choose colors that do not match with other on the shelves. Before deciding a color one thing should be kept in mind that color should go with theme of product. Otherwise customer might get confused and reject the product. For example kids products should be made colorful whereas for adults always go for pastel shades. Colors help product to stand out from rest of similar products. Black, gold and silver give packaging a luxurious touch. White gives products a looks of cleanliness. Soft pink hues and tones gives sophisticated look whereas red sparks energy.

Original and Unique: 

A unique package always attracts customer. A customer make a purchase decision within seconds. A unique and original package can pass through this time and will be put in shopping basket. 

Scented custom boxes wholesale is used to lure customers to try the products.

Another amazing example of unique packaging if from a Chinese man Ba Shun LAN Ren who designed water-activated heating pack at bottom. This idea took his products to heights of success 

Companies are investing in biodegradable packaging to satisfy eco conscious customers.

Compulsory Buying:

Custom boxes makes products noticeable at retail shelves. It triggers buying influence in customers.  Effectively amazing packaging conveys brands message to customer so customer can link how that product will fulfill customer’s needs. 

Value Addition to Sale: 

Amazing packaging means an entire sale service. It makes a sale successful by providing customer production quality and astonishing packaging. 

Packaging Influences Customers: 

An old proverb is 

“Make new friends but don’t loose old ones” 

Effective packaging helps customers remember and recognize the brand. It urges customers to re purchase the same product again and again. Premium packaging helps you gain new customers and enjoy your relationships with old ones.

Purchase decisions can induce emotions of satisfaction and guilt in customers. Artistically designed packaging can urge the purchase desire in customers. For example a limited edition perfume launched for a very short period of time.

Product Details:

Label on a product package is image that correlates the item packed inside. Packaging designed according to product packed inside present balanced and beautiful vision to customers. It helps them associate the packaging and the product.  For example if you print a rose on a package but there is no matching/ associated product inside. It will not only confuse customers but will also hamper sales.

Secure Packaging:

The basic purpose of packaging is to provide security to the packed product. Customer always prefer secure products. Safe packaging induces positivity in customers mind about the product. Secure packaging prevents the braking and cracking of products during shipment and on retail shelves. It will not only avoid the hassle of returns but will also wins customer’s confidence. Substandard and poor package will not only cost you big losses by damaging the products but will also decrease your customer base

Green Packaging: 

Customers now a days are very sensitive about the environment. They prefer products that are safe for the environment. Some companies are now offering bags that has embedded seeds to help grow trees. This is just a tactic to gain customary trust. Biodegradable jars and bottles are also preferred by customers.

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