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export thunderbird emails to eml

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML in Stepwise Guide

Make sure you get familiar with import-export tools and then you can export Your Emails to EML. You will be able to export Thunderbird Emails to EML in a manual way.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source email client used around the globe by Windows, MacOS, and the Linux users. This application also allows configuring multiple Email accounts by using free IMAP and POP servers. It is known for its additional features like robust security measures and it supports various email protocols. It is a powerful and secure tool for the Email client. Like, here we will Know how to export emails to EML and will know their steps better.

Thunderbird Export Emails to EML by Free Manual Method

It  Provides an option to save Thunderbird Export Emails to EML as a “save as” option. By this option you can export each Thunderbird Emails to EML format. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. In the Thunderbird open the Mailbox Folder which contains all your emails and select whichever file you want to export to EML.
  1. Now, select the Emails like you can do by clicking Individually to all of this or press the “Ctrl+A” button to mark your email.
  1. Then, Click on the chosen email and choose Save As option from the list.
  1. Select the folder according to your storage usage and save the chosen email as EML.

Now, I will tell you another method like by using an Add-on which is provided only by Thunderbird. Below you get information about Add-on features.

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML by using ‘Save Selected messages’ option

  1. Select any Individual Thunderbird Emails or use ‘Ctrl + A’ option to select completely.
  2. Right click on the selected Email and then go for “Save selected messages”
  3. Then, Choose the Folder where you want to save your Exported EML files.

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML by using ImportExport Add-on 

There are two methods for exporting Thunderbird Emails to EML by using the ImportExport Add on option.

Steps to Install ImportExport Add-on Tools

  1. Download the Addons from the Thunderbird Add-on Website.
  2. In Thunderbird, open the Add-ons Manager by clicking on the menu button. Then find the “ImportExport” option.
  3. Click on the “Add to Thunderbird” button next to ImportExportTools search.
  4. Now, Click on Install Now and restart your Thunderbird to activate your Add-ons.

Limitations of Using Manual methods

  1. It is time consuming because of exporting emails one by one or in small batches using this “save selected message
  2. It is difficult for the users as they want to export large amounts of files.
  3. There is also a lack of Batch processing because here each folder is to be manually processed.
  4. Also, increase the risk of human error as this is the manual process of doing Export Thunderbird Emails to EML.
  5. There is a concern about data security; it means users should trust upon add-ons which they are using for no Data loss and for privacy purposes.

Now, Below are the Automated Method for Exporting Thunderbird Emails to EML in the best possible way.

Effective way to Export Thunderbird Emails to EML 

By any chance these above mentioned manual methods are not working then you can go with this tool SysTools MBOX Converter wizard. This is the most recommended tool around the globe and also fully secure to use for the email clients. It will easily Export all Thunderbird Emails to EML in less steps.

One-by-one Steps to Export Thunderbird Emails to EML

  1. Just Run Thunderbird to EML export.
  2. Add Thunderbird Mailboxes over two options.
  3. View Emails of Thunderbird Mailboxes with attachments.
  4. Then Choose “EML” to start Exporting your Thunderbird Emails to EML.


So, All of these which are mentioned above are the methods for Export Thunderbird Emails to EML. you can also directly archive your emails in various formats, tools like SysTools MBOX Converter wizard have made work easy for the email client in less steps. All these steps are mentioned above and using this tool you can get best results, less time consuming and easy to use for the users. So, these are the four methods which are provided in this article but remember In today’s era choosing the right tool is very important because it can make all the differences.