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How To Get More Viewers On Twitch

Twitch has grown in popularity as a popular live-streaming network, particularly among gamers. Twitch’s popularity soared in 2020, thanks to a slew of boring gamers confined at home on lockdown. Although the world is slowly reopening, Twitch has remained popular, with 9.36 million active streamers in April 2021. Ninja was the top-ranked streamer at the time, with 16.6 million followers.

Of course, most of those 9+ million broadcasters do not have 16 million followers. Many people can’t even count on 16 people seeing them during a live stream. Streaming without an audience is pointless; you could play your game alone.

This is a problem that many streamers are aware of. There are far too many other folks streaming to expect an organic audience. Instead, it would help if you made a concerted effort to grow a fan base. And once you’ve established a core audience, it’ll be a lot easier to develop a community of supporters. So, how can you attract more Twitch viewers? Here are some tips on how to progress from being just another beginner to someone with a well-known name and a positive reputation and the topic of other people’s chatter on different channels.

Ways to Increase Twitch Viewers 

  • Play and Stream a Popular Game

Playing a popular game has its advantages and disadvantages. Grand Theft Auto, Apex Legends, Valorant, League of Legends, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite players have many channels to choose from. For example, at the time of writing, 198K people watched Grand Theft Auto streaming, with 64K people watching Loud Coringa’s channel in Portugal. On the other hand, ten Grand Theft Auto streamers had no viewers, while several others had only one or two.

  • Examine the Competitors

When someone joins Twitch, they are presented with various channels that the streaming site believes they will enjoy. Twitch’s recommendations become better and more accurate the more time they spend monitoring streams. Your track should start to show up in these front-page suggestions over time.

Many viewers, on the other hand, prefer to search for channels. As a result, people click the Browse option, which leads to a website with two tabs: Categories and Live Channels.

When viewers choose Categories, Twitch mostly shows them a list of games. It does, however, feature a few other well-known categories, such as Just Chatting (now the most popular type on Twitch).

  • Enhance Your Stream’s Overall Appearance

So, how can you improve your stream’s overall aesthetic to make it stand out among the other streams in your category? Twitch has made it simple to customize the look of your stream by allowing you to use overlays, notifications, panels, and other features. Using a tool like OWN3D’s Emote Maker, you can even make your Twitch emotes.

The better your stream looks, the easier it will be to attract more Twitch viewers.

  • Keep in mind that you have an audience: speak up during your stream.

It may seem self-evident, yet it bears repeating. Even if you’re a good and successful gamer, people don’t only come to Twitch to watch you play. They monitor your stream to be entertained. As a result, keep in mind that they are your visitors, and you must converse with them.

  • Your Dress and Appearance Should Reflect Your Personality

Dressing strangely or allowing other aspects of your appearance to become your signature is one method to stand out from the swarm of streamers. This will make people pay attention to you and remember you.

Seán William McLoughlin (aka Jacksepticeye), a popular streamer, used his Irish ancestry and associated green color to stand out in his broadcasts. He colored his hair green for a period, which made him stand out. In addition to his 27.3 million YouTube subscribers, he also has 2.7 million Twitch followers.

  • Create Your Image and Branding

This links with our earlier ideas for boosting your stream’s overall design and displaying your individuality. You want to have a distinct personal brand. You want to get to where people can recognize your stream just by looking at a thumbnail.

  • Don’t Stream During Peak Hours.

When more people watch Twitch, it logically implies that you’ll get more viewers for your stream. So, regardless of your local time zone, you may make a point of streaming during some of Twitch’s busier hours.

On the other hand, you will have to compete with well-known streamers at Twitch’s most popular hours. If a spectator has picked between watching a new Ninja stream or watching you play a similar game, they will most likely choose Ninja’s stream.

  • Make a detailed schedule and stick to it.

This tip can be applied to almost any online activity where you desire to boost your viewership. For example, if you maintain a blog, you should schedule new entries at specific times. You should publish fresh videos to your YouTube or TikTok channel at the same time every week if you have one.

If you want to establish a strong team of interested followers, you should even schedule your social postings to be at the same time every week.

  • Have Fun With Your Subscribers and Followers

Spending time in-game with your fans and subscribers is another technique to create a close community. They may not be as skilled as you, but the chance to play with their social heroes can brighten a young person’s day.

  • Interact with your viewers and think about rewarding them.

Twitch is, at its core, a social broadcasting platform that has developed to focus on gaming. However, it’s no different than any other social media in that connecting with your audience is the most crucial aspect of creating trust and a following.

You can even use virtual currency to reward your viewers for interacting with you. Streamers (partners and affiliates) can use OWN3D’s Twitch Channel Points and Rewards customizable points program to reward their viewers with incentives. Viewers must accomplish several tasks to receive points. For example, you may keep an eye on something for a set amount of time or take part in a raid, among other things. Viewers can then exchange their Twitch Channel Points for a prize, such as a Twitch Channel Points emblem to use in chat.