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How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Website To Increase Sales


As social media is growing its influence over billions of global users, the brands are becoming more inclined towards leveraging social media for their profits.

Also, as online commerce is expanding its footprint over offline retail with social platforms becoming more commerce-friendly, the gap between online business i.e. website and social media is reducing exponentially.

Social Media & Website

There are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally with a tremendous amount of content sharing, discovery, accessing, and even social shopping by these users.

Social media is a hub of opportunities for marketers and brands to attract consumers, engage them, and drive conversions for their business.

The time has come where your online presence i.e. website and social media should work together to maximize your profits. Having a link between social media & websites can be an excellent solution to grow trust, value, engagement, and sales.

Therefore, we have listed a few ways through which you can integrate social media into the website.

1. Social Share Icons On Product Pages

Placing social sharing icons on product pages can help in creating awareness and promotion about the particular product on social media through the profiles of the users.

If a consumer likes a product or a style that they wish to share on social media, these social buttons will provide an easy gateway for that. Setting up these social icons is extremely simple and easy as there are many plugins available for social sharing.

One thing to consider with social icons is that you should not make it obtrusive in a consumer’s browsing & shopping experience and should be minimalist.

2. Social Media Feed On Website

 Probably the best solution, embedding social media feed on website can help you immensely. Using a social media aggregator, you can curate UGC feed relating to your products & easily embed it on your website.

The social media feed will help in increasing the social-sharing possibilities, enhance website vibrancy, infuse creativity, grab user attention, increase user engagement, build social proof through UGC, and ultimately grow sales. 

These social media feeds can be customized as well according to your website theme & design. Also, moderate the content that you want to show so as to maintain the utmost quality content on the website.

You can even sell through these social media feeds by integrating shoppability to the posts. So, that the users can buy the products they like in the post directly from the posts which will increase the conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

3. Social Sign-In’s

 Many times we see that whenever we open a website, an option appears to sign-in and get an instant discount or any such offer. That is not majorly about social media but you can ask for social sign-in.

Social sign-in will help you get the necessary user information like email, personal details, number, and access to social profiles. When a user will sign-in, it will benefit them as well where they will be able to browse, access, and engage hassle-free on your website.

Social sign-in can help you in creating a personalized experience, gather feedback, grow your social presence, and much more that can be leveraged in your sales.

4. Social Video Integration

 Video content is the most engaging form of content for the users and YouTube being the most popular social media platform is a validation to this statement.

Social media is filled with amazing and relevant video content, you can integrate these relevant social videos on your website to increase your website’s user engagement potential.

These videos could be “How-to” video, product reviews, testimonials, product guides, etc. that will add value to the users. Having engaging, entertaining, and educational video content will help boost your online sales.

5. Display Social Reviews

Reviews are a huge influencer for users’ online shopping behavior as it shapes their buying decisions. So displaying user reviews can immensely help in building social proof and growing sales.

There are various widgets and tools that you can use to share the social media reviews of your previous customers on your website. Existing customers giving credibility to the products’ durability, aesthetics, performance, etc. will act as a positive influencer to increase online sales.

You can even leverage social media comments, likes, and shares as reviews from your brand. Displaying this social proof will help in overall brand development and success.


These were some of the best ways to integrate social media and website and the benefits of integrating are endless such as social brand awareness creation, gain consumer insights, cross channelize traffic, and many more.

 Besides, it will also help you build social proof, website vibrancy, engaging content diversity, and amazing consumer experience with enhanced connectivity leading to increasing conversions and sales.

With all these possibilities and benefits, it is recommended that you leverage social media on your website. Choose the best option for you and get going on the path to success.

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