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6 life lessons that should be taught in school

Let’s be honest: our education system is not very efficient.

We always encourage children to follow the same program as their parents and grandparents before them.

It’s a cliché at this point to say that the most important things you learn in life aren’t learned in school, but it’s true!

The most important things that you will learn, you will learn them on your own, as adults.

But why couldn’t some of these lessons be taught in school?

But what wouldn’t we give so that we can meet our young self and give him the following 5 life lessons that no one teaches us at school?

1. Cherish your mistakes

Children are generally deeply afraid of failure.

This is because, as students, they have been brainwashed to think that failure is a bad thing and that they should avoid making mistakes at all costs.

The reality, however, is that mistakes and failures are actually what allow us to differentiate truth from fiction and right from wrong.

They help us become better thinkers and better anticipate and solve problems.

2. Being non-compliant is not necessarily a bad thing

Each person is unique, without exception.

Yet our school system and our society in general force children to conform to a pattern, follow rules, and follow a predetermined path.

This is especially done at school where children are required to obey authority figures and blindly accept what they are learning.

However, history has repeatedly shown that all of the great minds who ever walked the earth chose to rebel against the herd mentality, to question traditional authority and beliefs, and to think for them- same.

The road to non-compliance is certainly not an easy one to walk, but it is a great way to find freedom and fulfillment.

3. Never make a decision in the heat of anger

When you are angry, remember this rule, forever!

Try to stay silent and most importantly, DO NOT MAKE A DECISION.

It is natural for us humans to lose our composure from time to time.

The immediacy of your emotions and the rush of blood will unfortunately lead you to say or do stupid things.

Things whose consequences you forget because of anger.

The downside of losing your temper is that it clouds your conscious mind and momentarily cripples your ability to decide what is in your best interest.

Always give yourself some time to calm down and think.

This is one of the subtlest lessons life can teach us, and it will often come after making and regretting decisions made in anger.

4. All life is sacred

We are all equal beings on this earth, despite our physical or psychological differences.

When we enter school, we are immediately placed in a class, based on our intellect.

From the School life, our whole being is judged by how quickly we can calculate math problems or by our score on a test, which further separates us from our peers.

Our skin color also puts us in default categories, thanks to society for that, and many of us had no qualms about pointing fingers at those who were in the so-called lower class .

Class considered dangerous, less intellectually equipped, to be despised …

Outside of school, however, none of those trivial lessons really matter.

We all come to the world the same way, and we will all return to the same source at the end.

Our skin color or race might be different and maybe we also think differently, but inside we all want the same: love, compassion, and meaning in our life .

5. Don’t be afraid to be skeptical

Why everything we believe is probably wrong to some extent; why our memories are unreliable at all; how we are all terrible judges of both what made us happy / unhappy in the past and what will make us happy / unhappy in the future; etc.

Just about everything good in life comes from uncertainty.

Uncertainty is what prompts us to become curious, to learn, to test new ideas, to communicate our intentions to others.

Life is lived in uncertainties.

Our certainties are just strategies we use to avoid this life. To avoid adapting, changing and getting through.

Education and learning don’t end when the latest textbook slams or when diplomas are handed out.

6. Be the change you want in the world

We spend a lot of time trying to change others.

There are, after all, so many problems with them: they are selfish, arrogant, weak, needy and so on.

So we try to stress it and we often encounter resistance, denial or sheer indifference.

It is a phenomenon all the more visible on social networks app.

It can be very annoying and therefore it easily makes us unhappy and we take it personally.

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