Negative Review Response Examples to Improve Your Online Reputation

Reviews helps consumer to make purchase decision. According to survey, many of customers rely on reviews as in the survey it is stated that consumers trust online reviews as much as special recommendations from family and friends. Apart from this, reviews are the one of the most significant ranking factor for Google’s Local Pack. Indeed, even outside of local SEO, reviews modestly impact on reviews.

As a business owner, you’re no more bizarre to the idea of negative reviews. A negative review can happen regardless of the nature of your work or what number of individuals loves your business. A negative review may not appear to be a serious deal, particularly if a large portion of your customer feedback is positive – yet it’s in every case best to address the circumstance. Furthermore, you might be very much aware that negative reviews can change buyer impression of your business. In this blog, we will understand why responding to negative reviews is important to build brand’s reputation.

Why To Respond To Negative Reviews

Responding to negative surveys allows you to protect your brand against negative attacks, yet there are other, better reasons to react. Let’s have a glance at few reasons you have to react to negative surveys.

Make Things Right

Once in a while responding to a negative review is the main possibility you will make things right with unsatisfied customer. While most of the unhappy clients won’t talk to you directly about their issues, they most probably leave a review. You can utilize the negative review as an opportunity to get more data about what turned out badly so you can improve it and ideally, shield it from happening once more.

Show Off Your Brand’s Human Side

A business with only positive reviews may put on a show of being fake or “unrealistic,” yet customers realize that negative reviews occur. Sometime negative reviews tell real thing about the brand.

Show Potential Customers You Care

On the ability of handling negative reviews of yours shows potential customers what they can expect from doing business with you. Furthermore, having a blend of positive and negative surveys is reviews more conceivable than a business that has page after page of only sparkling commendation. At the point when you get a negative review, show the unhappy client and potential clients that you really esteem their business and will find a way to make things right.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

Evaluate The Issue

A negative review makes any one angry and frustrated. But try to understand the point of reviewer also. So at first evaluate the issue then react to the review.


An unsatisfied and unhappy customer always want a pamper to feel better so always start your response with an apology. If you have are not wrong then also start with an apology it help you to gain the trust of that customer and will help in enhancing your brand value.

Empathize with the reviewer

Always show empathy to your unhappy clients. Deal the situation from the viewpoint of the customer.

Offer An Explanation

You ought to consistently have the option to mention to the client what happened to make their terrible experience. This doesn’t imply that you’re pardoning what occurred. Despite what might be expected, you’ll need to set aside the effort to underscore your comprehension of where the procedure separated for the client and use it as a chance to increase a superior comprehension of how you may have the option to shield this situation from happening later on.

Donot Argue With Customer

To build a business a brand everybody work had and when you get negative review it hurts most. Never argue with customer regardless of what happens. It is always recommended that stay objective and professional. Moreover, whenever you get negative reviews, the main focus should be to give a proper response to the unhappy client and make him happy. If you get indulge in argument then you are letting the reviewer and other readers that you do not want to answer them.

Take the conversation offline

Always try to convince the customer with your services and reply. There are many chances that you cannot resolve the issue in the first reply. You do not have to go in detail in your response. In a simple response apologize and let the reviewer know that you have got his point and will work according to his/her feedback.

Add A Progress Update

Always update a progress update whether the customer has contacted you or not. This will show others that you work upon the review and provide solution. Apart from this, it will help you in building your business reputation.

Examples of Negative Reviews

There are many ways to respond to the negative reviews. According to the comment of reviewer, respond to the customer. Moreover, always use polite way to respond and try to reach to the solution. If possible sometime offer discount it will build a trust and good relationship between you and the customer.

Hey [Name]! 

I’m [Your Name], and I fill in as [job title] for [your business]. Much obliged such a great amount for setting aside the effort to share your experience. I’m so really upset for [your comprehension of what happened]. 

I couldn’t want anything more than to chat with you legitimately about this to perceive what I can do to make this right.

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