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Top 5 problems with iPhone batteries and how to fix them

There are many smartphone users out there who are complaining about the problem of the battery on their device. If you are also encountering battery problems with the iPhone, then you have reached the right place. We will discuss different iPhone battery issues in this insightful article and how to resolve them without too much distress. By applying such easy solutions, you will be able to fix your iPhone battery issues.

Draining the iPhone Battery Quickly

Its fast drainage is associated with one of the most prevalent iPhone battery problems. You need to understand how the phone uses its battery in order to solve these iPhone battery issues. Firstly, navigate to Settings > General > Battery > Battery usage and assess how the overall battery of your device is consumed by different apps. You can later simply update and perhaps even remove the apps that eat up large proportion of the battery of your phone.

In addition, you must switch off the background usage feature in an attempt to settle the iPhone battery issues related to rapid drainage. If it is switched on, it will automatically refresh the essential applications on your phone. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to turn it off, and switch this feature off.

It is also noticed in most cases that a lot of battery is consumed by the GPS based service on the iPhone. If you decide to drive, then this feature can drain the battery of your device without even using it. As such, switch it off by visiting the privacy setting of your phone and having switched off the option “Location Services.”

You will be able to rectify the iPhone battery problems associated with its rapid drainage after following a few simple quick fixes.

while still charging, iPhone heats up

The overheating of the iPhone is another common problem that bothers a lot of iOS users. If your smartphone gets hot even when charging, its battery may cause significant damage. s Although just about every other phone gets a little hot all through charging, if a warning like abnormal heating occours, perhaps you should not ignore it.

To begin with, remove the charge from your phone and let it cool a bit. Besides that, switch it off or reboot your mobile device. If it is not possible to turn off your device, well you can also force it to restart. When you’re using iPhone 6 or earlier generation phones, click the Home and Power buttons for at least 10 seconds for a long time at the same time. This will switch off your device.

If you are using the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, push the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for a long time. To force it to restart, keep pressing both of the keys for at least 10 seconds. In addition, it is observed that it require a significant amount of battery after trying to make your phone a hotspot and generates an obvious amount of heat. If while using it  as  hotspot, you charge your phone, then it could overheat too.    Go to your phone’s settings to prevent this and switch off the Personal Hotspot feature. This will resolve the overheating-related iPhone battery issues. Just in, you can also read more on how to activate iPhone without sim card. 

Part 3: Smartphone Shuts Down With Battery Left 

Maybe this is a rare scenario, but it is related with quite a few issues with the iPhone battery. There are situations when even when there is enough battery left, the iPhone goes off out of the blue. If your iPhone suddenly shuts down even when the battery is left on your iphone, then verify its Date and Time function. Go to Settings > General > Date and Time on your phone and turn on the “Set Automatically” feature.

This will make sure that you won’t turn off your iPhone abruptly. Additionally, you need to calibrate the battery of your device to fix these iPhone battery problems. Allow your battery to drain first in order to recalibrate your phone. Once you have drained your battery, your phone will be shut down. Connect it to a charger after depleting its battery completely and charge it up to 100 percent in one go. Turn on your phone and simply charge it for about 60-90 minutes, even when it is charged at 100 percent. This will calibrate the battery of your phone and address the issues with the iPhone battery.

Unusual Life of Bad Battery after iOS 13 Update

Quite often, it is observed that the iPhone battery seems to malfunction after an unbalanced iOS update. If you have upgraded your phone to an unsteady version of iOS, it is likely that its battery life could cause some problems. By updating your smartphone to a stable iOS version, the best way to resolve this problem is just that way.

You can choose whether to revert your device to a stable version to resolve the iPhone battery issues. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to do this, and check the available stable version of iOS. Tap the “Install Now” checkbox a while before updating the operating system of the device.

Slow Charging Issue with iPhone

If your phone does not charge the acceptable way, then its hardware or charger and cable may have a problem. To begin with, check whether or not your phone’s charging cord is working correctly. In order to charge your phone, always use an official version and genuine cable.

In addition, there may be an issue associated with the charging port of your phone. Clean your device’s charging port and ensure that it is not wrecked. Read more detailed steps to fix slow charging. The piece of clothing could then be used to clean the port of your smartphone.

If your phone has a software-related problem, then it can be rectified by placing it into DFU mode. First, turn your phone off in order to do this. Now, for at least 10 seconds, press the Power and the Home button simultaneously. Afterwards, while still clicking the home button, let go of the power button. Make sure you hold down the Home button for an additional 5 seconds.

In order to restore it, your phone will enter DFU mode and can even be linked to iTunes. You would be able to fix the iPhone battery issues associated with its charging by trying to implement these steps.

You will indeed certainly be able to solve the iPhone battery issues of various types after following a few steps. From overheating to charging problems, after going through all this informative article, you can resolve different types of apple iphone battery problems. Go ahead and follow these steps to rectify several battery issues with the iPhone.

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