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Using Social Media Marketing the Right Way

Using Social Media Marketing the Right Way

One of the most widely used platforms for marketing in the 21st century are social media platforms. Applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube have become hubs of conducting business. People from different parts of the world now have the opportunity to engage with each other and commodities and ideas are being traded at an accelerated rate. 

On platforms as expansive as these, it is natural that there are a multitude of options for creators and marketers to find the best possible strategy for their business. 

To solve the confusion, here are 3 easy ways how all creators and marketers can use social media marketing the right way. 

#1- Focus on content

Content is, and always will be the key to success. Like content helps in laying the foundation of a website, on social media platforms too, it plays a pivotal role. 

Focusing on good quality, fresh and unique content is the first step that should be on the list of creating a good social media marketing strategy. Be it in the form of written content, creatives, graphics, infographics, whatever your niche demands, the audience is always looking forward to new forms of content that will pique their interest. 

Therefore, keep in mind that content must be the priority of your social media marketing strategy. Knowing which form of content will work well on different platforms is also a part of this step. 

For example, images and videos are well received on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Whereas, Twitter is often used for textual forms of content. 

#2- Don’t chase vanity metrics

The number of followers on an account, along with the likes and comments registered are considered valuable metrics as long as they are not bought. 

For those who may not know what this means, here’s a brief summary. Followers, likes and comments can be fought on Instagram. There is a rapid influx in the number of followers within a matter of seconds.

This is as wrong as it sounds. Not only is it not honest, it also messes up the Instagram algorithm, lowering your chances of gaining followers organically. Instead of opting for this option, having no future benefits, you should create good content, do thorough research about your niche and interact with your audience and fellow creators. 

This is the best, honest path towards success through social media marketing. Chasing vanity metrics will lead you nowhere. 

#3- Analyse engagement metrics

A very important step for social media marketers is analyzing the engagement metrics of your posts and your account. 

Engagement metrics are the follows you receive, likes, comments, shares etc. With each post you upload on different platforms, there are a set of metrics you generate. 

For example, if you use hashtags, you should see the reach of your post. This helps you in observing the importance of certain hashtags and how they help your post in reaching the right audience. 

If you want to start using a new format for the content you upload, the easiest way would be to upload the content and analyse the metrics. The likes, comments and share will provide all the data you need to draw your conclusion. 

Therefore, analyzing engagement metrics has more benefits than one. 

In Conclusion 

In this article, we discussed 3 ways how you can use social media marketing the right way. Social media marketing may seem easy at first, but many beginners fail to recognize its complexity. offers a sound digital marketing course in Delhi where students get a firm insight into social media promotion and marketing.

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