Various Cosmetic Dentistry Types You Must Know

Over the years cosmetic procedure in dentistry garnered much popularity. Kudos to fast-paced technological advancements; which allows dentistry to address dental appearance by correcting numerous issues. It includes misalignment, gaps between teeth, broken, worn, stained and chipped teeth.

Not only it eliminates the problem but also offers a boost in flashing your smile with confidence. Here, we have compiled various cosmetic dentistry procedures you must know before visiting any dental clinic in Harley Street seeking right solution. Read on to know them.  

What is meant by cosmetic dentistry?

It is all about monotonous or combination of many treatments given to enhance the dental aestheticism of the patients. Not every treatment comes with functional purpose yet they offer a beautiful smile to look forward too.

Variation in cosmetic dentistry you can find

An array of treatments can be found in cosmetic dentistry. Some regular ones are mentioned below:

  • Implants- Missing teeth can make people self conscious to smile in public. Dental implants are the ideal solution to tackle the issue for the rest of the life by infusing screw into jaw to take a hold of the artificial teeth and support it throughout.
  • Veneers- This can be the leading choice for misshapen, chipped and stained teeth. It is basically a thin sheet of cover that offers the original teeth a classic-shape appearance by curtaining the imperfections.
  • Crowns- Tooth-shaped cap is placed over the tooth for improving its appeal. Original tooth will be completely encased into the crown. It is ideal for worn-down and broken teeth.
  • Removable and fixed orthodontics- These are braces which can be either fixed or removable used for correcting alignment problems.
  • Composite bonding- A veneer type comprising of thin resin layer for covering the tooth with no shedding of enamel. It covers up the worn and fractured teeth and boosts up the teeth shade naturally.
  • White fillings- Natural teeth-coloured resin with mixture of glass used for restoring the broken or decayed teeth.
  • Modern aesthetic denture- Artificial gums and teeth equipped prosthetic device helps in replacing the missing teeth. Earlier only removable set was found but these days fixed denture is readily available in the market as well.

Procedure type involves in cosmetic dentistry 

Cosmetic dentistry is a bit invasive. Sometimes, minimal changes are made to your teeth using precision method. But composite bonding is fairly fast.

On another flip, orthodontics and implants are relatively higher invasive deeming for multiple dental visits for proper treatment plan.

Proper planning is required for crowns and veneers as dentist has to wax-up or mock-up the final smile of the patients so it gets approved. The outcome will be shown to the patients on the very beginning of the treatment.  

Treatment always begins with a dental consultation. Therefore dentists are eager to know the demands and requirements of the patients allowing them to give clear ideas and pictures. 

Most preferable cosmetic dentistry you can find in any dental clinic

In most dental clinic, cosmetic dentistry is a fine blend of cosmetic bonding and orthodontics. Invisalign or Fastbraces are offered to the patient for aligning the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is done for changing the teeth size and reshaping it. Both of them are done precisely to end up with a gorgeous smile to flash.

Can cosmetic dentistry cause pain?

Pain is totally relied on the invasion level of the treatment. Discomfort is more likely to experience rather than pain. However, during implants, fillings, veneers and crowns local anaesthesia is administered for keeping the patients comfortable. However during an orthodontic procedure like denture and composite bonding it will not be applicable.

In case, you want to know more, it is advised to make a appointment with our Harley Street cosmetic dentist and achieve the most suitable procedure!

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