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Quran, the last Holy Book, is a complete code of life for humanity. It guides us in every aspect of life, whether it be business, personal relations, or conduct among states. There is no doubt that Islam is the religion of peace. People who call it an extremist religion are doing it for their vested interests or incorrect interpretation of Islamic teachings. Allah, through the Quran, spreads peace. Every word of it portrays the lesson of equity and justice.

It is why we recommend that Muslims learn and understand the Quran. It does not matter if you learn it from an Islamic Quran teacher or opt for online Quran classes. The main point is learning and understanding the Quran. If you ask your Quran teacher about what Quran says about peace, he or she will surely tell you a lot.

Quranic Verses About Peace

There are several instances which one can use as evidence:

“The believers are but brothers, do make peace between your brothers.” [QURAN49:10]

Quran teaches that whoever believes in Allah is a member of a vast community where everyone is a brother to the other. It does not confine this relationship to any land or border. Even colour and creed are not applicable. Whoever enters the fold of Islam is a brother to other Muslims. Allah orders all Muslims to live in peace and resolve every dispute through mediation.

What Does The Quran Say About Non-Muslims?

We all know that many criticize Islam for its ‘hatred’ towards non-Muslims. But we must ask ourselves, can a religion that preaches the lesson of good speech and kind words preach to kill innocent lives? The answer is a straightforward, ‘NO’! If your Quran teacher says otherwise, we recommend that you opt for a new teacher right away. Opt for an online Quran teacher as you can easily find a more learned person online.  There is no doubt this Holy Book values human life more than anything else, and this can be proved by these words:

“We decreed upon the children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption (done) in the land, it is as if he has slain the mankind entirely. And whoever saves one, it is as if he has saved mankind entirely.” [QURAN 5:32]

This verse of the Koran forbids killing without any valid reason. We encourage you to re-read the Ayat again. We hope that you notice it says that “whoever kills a soul”. It does not say ‘Muslim’ soul. Thus, if you kill non-Muslim thinking that you are doing Islam any good, you are mistaken. Allah has forbidden the unjust killing of anyone, be it Muslim or non-Muslim.

The unjust killing of someone can lead to a wider conflict, which Islam never promotes. If you think that the murder of one person cannot lead to a wider conflict, think again. One of the best examples is the murder of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. His assassination is one of the most prominent reasons for the start of the 1st World War, in which millions lost their lives. Learn Quran.

Here is an extension to the verse mentioned above,

“And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden (to be killed) except by (legal) right. This has he instructed you that you may use reason.” QURAN [6:151]

This indicates that if, in any case, someone has to be killed, it is done by following the due process of law. On the other hand, Quran promotes forgiveness. When Prophet Yusuf’s brothers threw him in a well, he forgave them, saying:

“No blame will there be upon you today. Allah will forgive you, and he is the most merciful of the merciful.” [QURAN 12:92]

So, this illustrates that it is better if we opt for forgiveness. While Allah certainly likes those who forgive, there is another reason that Islam promotes forgiveness. If someone kills your family member, you will avenge them. This can lead to enmity for generations to come. Many will end up losing their lives for no reason at all. Thus, it is better to forgive.

Peace Through Words

“And speak to the people good words.” [QURAN2: 83]

You might think that this verse has nothing to offer in terms of peace. However, that is not correct. Through this command, Allah teaches us that for peace, kind speech is a prerequisite. As humans, we must not engage in speech that promotes violence, hatred, or extremism. Instead, we must reserve or words for promoting peace and positivity. Edmund Burke, statesman and politician, says,

“A very great part of mischiefs that vex this word arise from words.”

Hence, Quran teaches us to be mindful of the selection of our words even in this era of so-called “Freedom of Expression”. After all, words can give rise to great anger, which may lead to conflicts.

Islam has encouraged Muslims and Muslim states to always promote peace over everything. It means that if the other parts want to maintain peace, you have no right to break that peace. Islam encourages action only when the other party threatens the peace, or your existence. In conclusion, Quran preaches peace in every possible way. Every verse indicates that the main goal of the Quran is to ensure tranquillity among humanity.

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