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Why Your Condo Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It?

Your condo has been your dream dwelling and you have spent decades living in it. So, when you put it up on the market, you expect to be blown away by offers from like-minded buyers who are ready to make it their new home. However, despite hosting so many interested buyers, your home isn’t selling. What’s wrong? 

From a high price to staging issues, there are a ton of problems that may be steering away potential buyers. For starters, you can have a look at Kelowna’s new condo developments that are similar to your property to figure out what’s missing. 

Reasons you may be having a hard time selling your condo:

1. You Haven’t Priced Right

As a seller, you have certain expectations for your property. If it used to be your home, you have put years of sweat, time and effort into refining it into the perfect little abode and want fair compensation when it gets sold to a new buyer. While that’s perfectly reasonable, you also need to consider market conditions to figure out the right price for your Kelowna condo for sale.  

Start looking at properties that are similar to yours. Look at similar condos that have been sold. It provides you with a ballpark figure and helps you set realistic expectations for your property. Next, look at the market conditions. If it’s a booming market, you can get away by setting the price a bit higher. However, to increase offers in a subdued market, it’s best to drop the price and attract more buyers.   

2. You Haven’t Hired A Professional Photographer

This is a major condo seller mistake that’s quite common. If you aren’t getting enough calls, consider hiring a professional photographer. Blurry and dim images shot from an awkward angle aren’t impressing anyone. Even Buckingham Palace would look drab if shot by an amateur who hasn’t put enough time into clicking and editing the pictures under the right lighting. 

Kelowna condominium developments always use high-quality clicks of their property for the best shots before creating their marketing material. Make sure to hire a professional photographer who takes quality snaps with both natural and artificial lighting from the best angles to make your condo stand out. Buyers won’t spend more than a minute on each online listing and you need to make sure that your pictures make them bookmark your property. 

3. You Haven’t Staged It Right

Staging is like makeup for your condo. Building companies who are into new developments in Kelowna, stage their property meticulously before they consider it show-worthy. The way you stage your condo has a huge impact on the sale time. For instance, if buyers visit your home to find it in a messy and unhygienic condition, they are going to make quick excuses to leave. However, staging doesn’t end with decluttering and deep cleaning. 

Ask your Kelowna luxury real estate agent for condo staging tips that increase condo offers and improve your condo value. Some of those tips may include:

  • Installing modern and powerful LED bulbs to maximise lighting
  • Keeping the windows open
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint
  • Using new pillows
  • Depersonalising your space so that buyers can envision living in your home

4. You Didn’t List Your Condo At The Right Place

When offers aren’t rushing for your perfect property, you may have listed it at the wrong place or people. To maximise your condo’s exposure, it’s best to work with reputable Kelowna real estate companies who can get more eyes on your condo and homes for sale in Okanagan too, with more capable agents. The right listing agency and a skilled and connected real estate agent can make a huge impact on both the time it takes to sell your condo and its final value. 

5. You Aren’t Offering Incentives 

Everyone loves incentives, even if they don’t bring any major benefit. It’s a cherry on top to sweeten the deal and close the sale quicker. Some condo owners offer to cover closing costs, while others agree to cover minor repairs up to a month after the sale. However, nothing’s more effective than discounts and you should reserve them for cash-only buyers. 

The best way to sell a home quickly is to know your audience and look at your condo from the buyer’s perspective. If you have a condo that’s perfect for a small family, think of ways to make it more appealing to those buyers. If your tiny condo is the perfect bachelor pad, stage it to attract more bachelors. With the right strategy, selling your condo is simple, easy and quick


Condo blues? Discover hidden reasons and what’s driving buyers away and learn how you can fix those problems with effective strategies.