5 Important Tips to Maximize Score in PTE Read Aloud Section

With the increasing popularity of the Pearson Test of English (PTE), there have been various tips, tricks, suggestions and tips offered by the experts. The PTE coaching institutes provide module-specific tips that help the students score well and get desired overall score in the test. Like other English language proficiency tests, PTE also gauges the candidates for speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Today, herein, we discuss a few important tips that can help the PTE students score well in the ‘Read Aloud’ section of the ‘Speaking’ module.

Be Audible

As the name of the section suggests, one must read the sentences aloud. As the student has to speak into a good-quality microphone, one does not need to shout. However, one does not need to be very mild either.

Students can have the exact feel of infrastructure at their respective PTE coaching institutes while practicing PTE mock tests. Therefore, one can have a fair idea about their pitch and the best practice to attempt this section.

In case a student feels the equipment at the PTE center is faulty, the same should be reported immediately.

Be Clear & Crisp

Speaking clearly and crisply mitigates any chances of confusion. It may take time to pronounce the words and sentences clearly, but the practice is what will make things perfect in the longer run. Listening to oneself over a speaker can help identify the corrections that need to be made.

The clarity in speech makes the overall conversation attractive and helps the speaker in the future too!

Avoid Filler Sounds

The sounds like “ummm” “hmmm” “aaaa” that the speaker utters between sentences are called filler sounds. These indicate the lack of confidence and knowledge of the subject.

One can work on avoiding (and totally getting rid of) such sounds by practice. Speaking in front of a mirror and listening to oneself over a speaker can help identify and work towards mitigating these unnecessary sounds. In addition to this, do not mumble or fumble when speaking; it will only add to unneeded confusion.

Learn Assertion

Putting deliberate stress on certain words in a sentence in order to convey the correct meaning is what we are discussing here. Here is an example using a simple sentence.

a.          I love you.

b.          I love you.

c.           I love you.

In the above example, you will see how asserting stress on the bolded word changes the tone of the sentence altogether. Read them aloud and you will understand it.

This technique is highly effective in making the content more engrossing while conveying the correct meaning.

Be Confident

Being confident is one of the most important tips that we offer to all PTE students. Being confident is half the battle won. Mock tests are a great tool to instill confidence in students for attempting almost any and every exam out there. Therefore, we suggest PTE students take as many mock tests as possible during their PTE coaching.

 Working their way towards these tips will help the PTE students score well in the Read Aloud section of the Speaking module. Practice more, be confident, and you will be good to go!

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