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Some Of The Mistakes You Are Making With Your Air Conditioner

Since summer will soon be hitting us, we need to keep everything ready. Unfortunately, global warming is being a massive threat to us, and that’s why the temperature is also increasing day by day. We can not help it but taking care of ourselves has become the most necessary thing for us. The air conditioner is not anymore a luxury, but it has become a necessity. The air conditioner is essential, as well as maintaining the machine. Most of the time, we forget to keep the device; hence, we have to face many issues.

Do you know what mistakes are you making? In case you have a poorly maintained machine, it might become contaminated with microorganisms, and you will be inhaling harmful air as well. Most people with asthma and allergies will be affected and at risk as well. However, you need to identify the mistakes; otherwise, it will not only cause harm to your lungs but your wallet. We want to break the ground on some of the mistakes done by you that too unknowingly. In case you are also performing these mistakes, you are required to rectify them as early as possible.

The Mistakes

‚óŹ Are you cleaning or changing the AC filters? Well, you may not know, but at a minimum, you should change the filter of your AC unit every three months, and it is undoubtedly the most ignored part. If you want to go for regular maintenance, then you can clean it once a month. This would help your machine work efficiently. If your system is always running and can not survive without it, you should always keep it clean.

A dirty filter can lead to poor airflow or even freezing up of the unit’s evaporator coil. Also, a poorly maintained filter can add up to 5 to 10% to your AC bill, and you can not help but pay a considerable amount of electricity bill every month. If you want to give it a long lifespan, you will have to do the necessary things.

  • Are you going for yearly maintenance? If your answer is no, then you are making a huge mistake. There are so many online tutorials available about cleaning the AC’s coils and fins, and you can surely get some idea from those. On the other hand, a yearly AC service by a professional is also necessary to figure out the machine’s current state. The machine’s essential maintenance will keep it running efficiently, and it will have a long life span as well.

However, we think it would be helpful to hire a professional because the tutorials will help you clean the coils and other necessary things. Still, you will never be able to detect if there is any gas leakage or anything as such. Hence, you should take care of these things and then only excerpt the best service by your air conditioner.

  • Do you have a programmable thermostat? If you are not like the superhumans who never forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house, then it is different, but what if you are like us? Well, then you will surely forget it. You might not know, but a programmable thermostat will end up saving a lot of money on the annual AC bill by automatically raising the temperature.

It will help you in those days when you are stuck at your office or away from home. Although nowadays, you will be able to control this by your smartphone, so programming has become more comfortable.

  • Are you taking full advantage of fans? After listing this question, if you are wondering which fan, then you are indeed not! Well, a ceiling fan can help a lot in terms of circulating the air throughout your home. Hence, it will remove some burden from the machine as well.

You will have to make sure that the fan turns counter-clockwise during the summer days because it will promote fantastic airflow. What are you still thinking? Well, you should probably turn on the ceiling fan along with the AC in terms of enjoying cold air everywhere.

  • Have you kept the AC vents open? If yes, then you are making a huge mistake, and you are possibly colling empty rooms. You will never feel the cold air. You should stop right there and chose those vents that are still open in unoccupied rooms. You can also try closing the closet doors in terms of ensuring the space that is swallowing cold air to you. Taking a small step can help you a lot, and it will provide the machine’s utmost efficiency.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are now clear about the mistakes you’re making, and you should stop these immediately. It will help you in so many ways, and you will be benefited in the long run. Hiring a professional for a yearly check-up is the best option to identify the issues! You should not waste a single moment and book your appointment now!

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