Celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore: Significance and Traditions

Chinese New Year is the most important event in the Chinese calendar. Also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, this event honours traditional deities and ancestors and is considered a new beginning.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year in Singapore is accompanied by many festivities and interesting traditions.

Chinese New Year Festivities

You can feel the heartbeat of the festival by visiting the district of Chinatown where everything is decked out in red and the annual Chinese New Year bazaar takes place. The Street Light-Up enlightens all streets embellished with lovely lanterns.

There is also the traditional Chinese New Year Walking Trail event, which takes you around the district. Along this trail, you will learn about the history and traditions of Singapore, try local food, enjoy the Temenggong Tiger Sculptures Display, and be part of the Street Light-Up event.

Last but not least, the Chinese Wishing Tree awaits you to leave well wishes. You can leave your wishes on the cards displayed on the tree.


Chinese New Year is all about honouring ancestry and history and it’s part of every home. You can notice the spirit of the holiday in the traditions of Singaporeans. Apart from being part of the city festivities, every home follows centuries-long traditions.

Traditional Food

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, people in Singapore put traditional food on the table, including fish, Pen Cai (traditional Cantonese dish), Bak Kwa (air-dried meat delicacy), pomelos (gigantic Asian fruit), tangerines, mandarines, and pineapple tarts.

There are also Kueh bangkit, tapioca cookies that used to be offered to the ancestors’ altar. And, there are chocolate boxes, referred to as Eight Treasures Boxes, or Tray of Togetherness. They are served during the family reunion dinner along with the Prosperity Toss.

Spring Cleaning

Chinese New Year is considered a new beginning and time to clean the home from all the bad so the good can come in. The spring cleaning takes place before the celebration of Chinese New Year so that the homes are ready in time to welcome the new year and all the gifts it brings. During the spring cleaning, the homes are cleaned and decorated with flowers and a red scroll at the doorway.

Family Reunion Dinner

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, people visit their parents’ homes and have a reunion dinner with their families. Before the dinner, they honour their ancestors and invite them to join their celebration by offering them food, fruits, tea, and flowers.

The dinner itself is abundant regardless of the family’s financial situation. From Tuanyuan delicacies such as red dates and dried sea moss to soup, roast pork, and traditional foods.

The Celebration Goes On

The Chinese New Year celebration doesn’t end there. It goes on for 15 days. On the first day of the New Year when children visit their parents and the entire family. The visits go on until the 15th day and family members give gifts to each other.

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