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Convert Maildir to PSTAutomatically Free


Are you struggling resolving issue like how to convert Maildir to PST automatically free? Then here your struggle will end.  I am here to share with you one impeccable method to import Maildir and Maildir ++ files into PST. You must go through this article, in order to get the best solution.

Maildir File Overview 

Maildir preserves or saves emails over the server, and users it demands internet connectivity to access Maildir directories. The emails here in Maildir format can be seen in three directories called Tmp, New, and New. 

PST File Overview 

PST means Personal Storage Table. This file is an Outlook file comprised of Mailbox items like email message, tasks, events, contacts, and notes etc. 

Go For a Smart Solution to Convert Maildir to PST 

CubexSoft Maildir to PST Converter helps users to change multiple Maildir email files to PST format in single round.  It is a one and only way to import Maildir complete directory without any data loss. While transferring files from Maildir to PST, the data structure plus all the content remain the same, hence, this option is worthy enough to rely on. There are advanced filter options (date range, to, from, subject, and exclude deleted file) availability to ensure migration should be done on selective basis. This app will also let the users to choose the destination path, for resultant Outlook files. Now let’s focus on the issue which is how this app works.

How to Convert Maildir to PST in Batch Mode? 

Following are the steps to migrate Maildir files to .pst format elaborate:

Step1: Open Maildir Converter after installing it. 

Step2: Now choose Maildir files by either option “Add files” or “Add Folder”. 

Step3: Now choose the specific Maildir email files from the added data.

Step4: Click “Export” option, to select/choose desired “PST” output option. 

Step5: Add filter options for specify files you wish to export. 

Step6: Choose the required destination location/path for saving output files. 

Step7: At last click on the “Convert” to start processing. Click on “Ok” on a confirmation of a success message. 

FAQs Related to This Software

Is it important to have any technical skill or specialized knowledge to understand its working? 

Answer: Anyone can use this tool effortlessly, there  is no such technical skill is needed for this. 

Can I import hundreds of Maildir files using this app? 

Answer: Yes, you can import unlimited Maildir files to PST format with this app, there is no bar and limitations imposed as such on number of files. 

Final Take On How to Convert Maildir to PST 

This migration app is Windows Operating System based hence it is compatible with Windows 10, 11, 7, 8.1, XP, 8, and Vista, etc. Users may take a demo to preview and evaluate the functioning of the software. For a demo, it is completely free to convert 25 Maildir files to PST format. I hope this idea will be beneficial to you to transfer Maildir to .pst format. As this above mentioned method is the most trusted solution to perform such task.