How Logo Animation Is Beneficial For Taking Your Business Online?

You might be asking how an animated logo might help you identify your business at this stage. Don’t panic. We are here to help you. Continue reading to learn how to use logo animation to bring your brand to life.

According to a Website Planet poll, 57 percent of small business owners are ready to spend $500 on their company logo alone. This demonstrates that businesses understand the value of a logo in enhancing their brand and helping them stand out from the competition. Animated logos are a thing of the future, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology.

Both designers and developers are now gravitating toward the WDDUK file format to make logo animations genuinely future-proof. WDDUK files, both static and animated, are indefinitely expandable, resolution-independent, and lightweight by definition. A logo animation in WDDUK format may be a versatile branding element that can be used across the board without affecting the performance of your website or mobile app.

What Is Logo Animation And How Does It Work?

Every business needs a logo. This key feature reveals your brand’s or product’s personality and plays an important function in branding. A well-designed logo may help you connect with your target audience or express your narrative. Your logo forms a strong basis for your marketing approach if a professional graphic designer executes their work successfully.

Every company has its unique design requirements. An international corporate logo design, on the other hand, is your firm’s presenting tool if you are projecting an international brand.

The key to success is picking the right concept for your company, and a simple, basic logo design cover may also grab the audience’s attention.

The age of print-focused graphic design, on the other hand, has passed. Technology has now opened up incredible possibilities. And as a business owner, you should seize these opportunities. All you have to do to breathe new life into your static logo is ask designers to incorporate motion into it.

Depending on your company’s personality or commercial goals, the animation might range from basic gestures to a lengthy video presentation. Another alternative is to develop a revolving logo animation or an animated badge that says something about you and is more than just an attention grabber; it may help your brand’s visual identity.

While generating a logo animation online is as simple as tapping a button, it is still recommended to leave motion graphics to the professionals.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Static Logo In Favour Of An Animated One.

1. Animated logos pique people’s interest.

According to a Daily Blogging research report from 2020, 30% of buyers in the United States glance at the logo first when they encounter a product. If you utilise an animated logo instead of a static one, you may enhance this proportion even further.

Even if the company purchases a memorable domain name or uses engaging content on its website, an appealing visual is still required. As you can see, individuals are so accustomed to seeing existing logos that they seldom give a new one more than a few seconds of their attention.

Animated logos will earn you the attention you deserve, whether you use them on your website, your social media channels, or even to liven up those free PowerPoint templates you are employing.

2. Better Storytelling with an Animated Logo

Animated logos and videos are both powerful tools for brand storytelling. It is simple to get people’s attention, but keeping them hooked is a different story. Consumers must remember your brand logo, whether it is on your website, social media accounts, or client presentations. Because you can use animated logos across several channels and for various reasons, they will readily become a component of your marketing automation.

You may send a message to your viewers and potential clients with an animated logo, and ideally, they will come back for more. It is like a big story about your products and services, or whatever story you are attempting to communicate – and so on. Because more people are viewing video content online, having an animated logo may be a game-changer for your business.

3. Animated logos evoke emotions.

How do you generally feel after seeing a video? Surprised, delighted, ecstatic, awestruck, fascinated, or a mixture of emotions? Any of these might be a part of your experience. The same is true for animated logos; a strong narrative may elicit emotions in your clients.

People will be more attached to you and remember you if they have an emotional response to your brand. The objective is to elicit emotions in your viewers, not just by showing the emotions, but also by generating a nostalgic sense that encourages them to return to your company and eventually become devoted consumers.

4. The Use of an Animated Logo Increases Engagement

What happens now that you have given a wonderful narrative and elicited an emotional response from your audience? You must increase your involvement to fully grasp the potential of your brand. You need to have people talking about your brand and taking part in whatever you are offering.

When was the last time a basic, unchanging logo sparked a social media frenzy? Sure, it happens from time to time, but it is not common. Animated logos are a breed all their own. If you can identify the correct design and animation style for your brand, you can increase engagement. To improve your clients’ entire buying experience, make sure your logo is interactive.

5. Logos that are animated are more unique.

Everyone wants to be unique in a competitive environment, but not everyone knows how. Similarly, you might gather all of the greatest logo designs from the internet but still struggle to find one that stands out. An animated logo can do a lot of work for advertising, whether you are attempting to advertise your screen recording app, SaaS platform, or Shopify store.

One approach to stay ahead of the competition is to use an animated logo. A static logo has been seen by everyone, but only a handful have seen a decent animated logo. Consider the colours and design first if you want to be unique and develop an eye-catching animated logo.

According to a Venngage survey, over half of Fortune 500 corporations use blue in their logos. Although it may appear to be in style, you may stand out by choosing the least popular hues.  Simply ensure that the logo colours are consistent with your company identity and that they appear excellent when animated.

6. Brand Awareness Is Boosted by Animated Logos

Why spend money on sponsored ad campaigns to raise brand recognition when you can do it for free with an animated logo? They are easier to remember and recognise than static logos, especially if you are familiar with brand identity rules. Customers may require more engagements with a static logo to recall your company. But with an animated logo, identification occurs instantaneously.

MTV, for example, is one of the most well-known brands due to its early use of an animated logo. Who can forget the “man on the moon” logo sequence and their short logo clips? People recall MTV’s famous emblem and relate it with the company’s anti-establishment stance to this day.


Creativity and innovation are essential components of a successful marketing plan. You must always be on the lookout for new and innovative methods to market your firm if you want to keep your brand alive and well. You can accomplish precisely that using logo animations.

A moving picture or video animation with a brand logo is quite effective in attracting the attention of an audience. Intros and outros, branded or promo movies, websites, online commercials, and more may all benefit from logo animations. Nothing in our world is motionless, and neither should your logo!