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Top 5 Contextual Advertising Companies in India

With the demise of third-party cookies and the rising importance of a privacy-first environment, the Contextual advertising companies of India have taken center stage in 2022. Who are these companies? Keep on reading to find out!

Have you ever experienced coming across an ad for wedding clothes after reading a wedding planning article? Then you undoubtedly have an idea about contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment. 

This has been made possible by contextual advertising companies by leveraging the content of a webpage, location, or weather, and targeting potential clients in a secure and privacy-compliant manner.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

According to a survey, 61% of US ad publishers employ contextual advertisements, and 24% of advertisers aim to raise their expenditure for contextual ads.

Thus, to cope with the needs of brands for context-based advertisement, the ad industry requires companies that can deliver creative advertising campaigns and capture viewers’ attention without the use of personal data across environments and at scale.

List of Top 5 Contextual Advertising Companies in India

Knowing the best contextual targeting companies in India can be highly useful for brands/advertisers when they are looking to place ads that are relevant to the content of the webpage. This will in turn improve their ROI and increase their viewability.

So, to make your task simpler of finding the best contextual advertising companies, we have listed here the most demanded contextual ad companies that will take over the ad tech market in 2022.

  1. GumGum

GumGum is a global technology and media company that specializes in contextual intelligence. For more than 10 years, they have used their proven machine learning skills to extract value from digital content for the advertisement and sports sectors.

Its advertising solutions deliver industry-leading efficiency, accuracy, and performance by combining contextual targeting and brand safety intelligence with patented high-impact ad styles.

For advertisers, GumGum provides a comprehensive range of

Cutting-edge and future-proof solutions. Verity, the company’s contextual advertising engine, understands the meaning of texts, pictures, and videos on the internet, allowing advertisers to securely and accurately put advertisements where people are most interested.

GumGum’s contextual intelligence solutions are leading the digital advertising agency into a cookie-less future. The company is based in Santa Monica, California, and has 12 different offices spanning North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. 

2. Silverpush

The second in line is Silverpush. It is an artificial intelligence-powered advertising technology company and one of the best contextual advertising companies that has worked with some of the largest brands globally like Coca-Cola, Oreo, Sunlight, Castrol, etc., and helped them reach their target audience in no time.

Through deep learning and computer vision-powered platform MIRRORS, Silverpush helps brands discover their most relevant audience through context-relevant video ad placement targeting, in a fully controlled and brand-safe environment. 

And Parallels, a real-time moment marketing platform helps advertisers connect with viewers meaningfully through a multitude of real-life live moments.

The company is a Singapore-based tech firm, founded in 2012 and serving globally including areas like India, Japan, the Philippines, Dubai, etc. 

3. Leadplaza

LeadsPlaza is a pay-per-lead marketing company whose mission is to help small businesses and startups in achieving rapid growth.

With 8+ years of total experience, the company has a highly versatile team that intends to become one of the most sought-after cost-per-lead companies in the world.

LeadsPlaza uses emerging digital channels to produce high-quality leads for small companies and recently established startups in a variety of sectors. They employ top traffic sources and solid funnels and qualify their leads depending on the client’s criteria.

4. Clevertize

Clevertize is a Bangalore-based company established in 2018 by Sagar Nidavani. They are committed to providing their clients with the best outcomes possible for integrated campaigns.

They are a group of smart strategists, precise planners, creative artists, and intriguing wordsmiths who deal with companies such as eBay India, Metro Cash & Carry, TATA Motors, David Lloyds Clubs Talwalkars, Barbeque Nation, Nando’s, Sobha Developers, Kolte Patil Developers, and others.

5. Leadshuttle

LeadShuttle helps fastest-growing SaaS & B2B companies to accelerate Outbound Sales. Along with this, they also help AE’s to close more deals by providing qualified sales opportunities every month.

They help their clients with: 

1. Gathering targeted lead lists of decision-makers

2. Qualifying leads through prospecting and technology

3. Formulating outbound strategies and running campaigns

4. Setting highly qualified sales appointments with interested decision-makers

Final Thoughts

The advertising world has seen some major changes in the past year, with major search engines Safari, Mozilla Firefox blocking third-party cookies, and Google walking along similar lines.

Now, the goal of brands has moved from “mass reach” to “reaching the correct audience at the correct time.” with user security and privacy being the top priority. And, this is achievable with contextual advertising companies who provide these services. 

By serving ads to users who are interested in the subject, the chances of generating positive responses are much higher.