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How To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming, and that means an upcoming spike in consumer spending. If you want to get the most out of the holiday season and boost your sales, you will need to elevate your marketing strategy. Competition for customer patronage is certain to be fierce.

Marketing during the holiday season is a tough challenge, but it also presents plenty of opportunities for business growth. The National Retail Federation states that in 2021, winter holiday sales grew by 14.1 percent. Online sales generated $218.9 billion of revenue while in-store sales hit a record $667.8 billion.

This article will discuss ways businesses can get an edge over their competitors when it comes to marketing during the holiday season.

Get busy with social media

Social media is an important tool for your marketing strategies as it’s an effective influencer. With almost every business, big or small, having a presence on social media, your business will be left out if you don’t take advantage of various platforms. Your followers or users who have “liked” your organization’s page function as brand ambassadors that you don’t have to compensate. When these followers are satisfied with your brand, they are more likely to engage with your content and share it in their own feeds. Hence, the holiday season is the best time to pamper your loyal social media followers.

Reward your followers with holiday deals that are designed exclusively for them. Another option is to give away digital coupons for use during the holidays. Doing so makes your followers happy and strengthens loyalty. For your business, this is a surefire way to generate leads and an opportunity to expand your social media following and perform marketing research.

Moreover, your business shouldn’t just stick to mainstream social media platforms. To really stand out, you should tap into niche social media channels such as Reddit and Quora. These channels may not be as big as others, but the additional brand exposure you can get from them might be just what your business needs.

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Give back to the community

Generosity is the spirit of the holidays. For marketing teams, this means building a marketing strategy that can earn the sentiment of your target audience. A winning marketing strategy should not make your audience feel that your brand is just riding the holidays to get their money. The key is sincerity. Show your audience that supporting your business mutually benefits them, the community, and your bottom line.

The holiday season is a prime time to donate to a larger cause. It’s the perfect time to conduct feeding and clothing programs and to donate a portion of your sales to charity through holiday promos. You can also utilize your business’ connections with the industry to provide training and education. If you operate a restaurant, you can help aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to learn from restaurant veterans. These practices have a positive impact both on your community and your business.

Embody the holiday spirit

Make your audience feel the spirit of the holidays whenever they come across your brand online or when they visit your physical store. You have a lot of decorating to do. Your establishments, website, social media pages, or your mobile app should all embody the holiday spirit through beautiful decorations and layouts.

It’s a good idea to offer gift wrapping services both online or in-store and offer a limited edition product. Ideally, you want to host holiday-themed contests and games that would get your customers involved. Doing this provides your brand with more publicity and boosts customer engagement. Lastly, if you have been doing charitable activities, make sure to document and publish them so your audience knows your company can walk the talk.

Suggest gifts

The holidays are all about giving gifts. Many people will have a lot of gift buying to do, and many will struggle to decide what to buy. You can help them by providing suggestions. Recommend your best products and make purchasing them hassle-free. You can do an email marketing campaign or integrate it into the rest of your marketing efforts. It’s advisable to give personalized suggestions based on a customer’s purchase history and offer discounts on gift bundles.

Do store-wide sales

The effectiveness of launching a sale during the holidays can’t be overstated. Your business should take advantage of the purchasing boom by being generous with your customers. Don’t just put certain products or certain sections of your shop on sale — put everything on sale. Make sure these sales extend to your online stores if your business has them. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also offer free shipping for all holiday purchases.


The challenge in the holiday season is not to get people to spend money, it’s already certain they will. The challenge is to boost your brand exposure as much as you can, and incentivize customers to choose your brand over a competitor. If you give back to the community, be proactive in your marketing campaign, and offer attractive deals, there’s no reason your business won’t get the most out of the holiday season.