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How to fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 fast-charging problem & other devices

Won’t fast charge: How to fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 fast-charging problem & other devices

Even though the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 isn’t as popular as Samsung Galaxy models, it is an excellent top-of-the-line option if you go for non-Samsung smartphones. As far as today’s mobile hardware and applications are concerned, the Pocophone F1 is among the world’s best. One of the biggest problems we face with this system is its charging speed. Several users have mentioned that the device’s fast-charging can be troublesome. Though we don’t believe this is prevalent, we give the troubleshooting guidelines here on how to resolve the problem.

Problem: How and when to address Xiaomi Pocophone F1 charging fast problem (will not charge quickly)

Hello. I have three problems with my POCOPHONE.

Even after me using the official charger which came with the Pocophone, the phone is not fast charging.

The pocophone is unable to connect to my PC, and USB connection settings’ does not appear

Often, the top portion of the screen tends to be lagging, and this region of the screen will often turn completely black while you are scrolling.

Issue #1: The phone isn’t charging as fast as it usually does despite using the official charger which came with the Pocophone.

A problem linked to Hi. I have a question about my Pocophone F1; it takes 7 hours to charge from 0% to 100%, what is the issue? Please answer my question. Thank you.

The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 features Qualcomm Fast Charging 4+ charging technology that provides fast charging for large battery capacities. This means that the battery in your unit, which has a Li-Po 4000 mAh battery, will charge to full capacity in less than two hours. To verify this, we charged our Pocophone F1 in both the OFF and ON states and found that there is a 10-minute difference. When the phone is completely shut off, it charges in less than two hours, around one and a half hours. Complete charging takes about 2 hours, as long as the battery is running. So far, we have not experienced any problems with quick charging so it seems as if the situations above are isolated.

The first thing to try if you are experiencing a charging speed problem on the Pocophone F1 is mentioned below.

Make sure you use initial charging gadgets

Usage of Fast Charge 4+ technology includes the use of the required accessories. Even if you are using non-Xiaomi cables or adapters, or a third-party accessory that doesn’t help Quick Charge 4+, you will not be able to reap the benefits of quick charging on your Pocophone F1.

Erase any modifications to app preferences

Many Android users don’t know that apps aren’t self-sufficient. Instead, they make use of other software and utilities that are offered by default in order to achieve their goals. If an app is no longer required, it can be removed or disabled. You must reset all software preferences in order to ensure that all default apps needed by other apps or Android are working as they should. You can do so as follows:

  • Open the Settings program.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen and press “Installed apps.”
  • Expand your menu options by clicking on the More Options icon at the upper-right portion of the screen (three-dot icon).
  • Go to the Settings app and tap “Reset app preferences”.
  • To confirm, tap Reset apps.
  • Perform a restart on the phone to see if there’s a problem.
  • To perform a factory reset, select the option “Factory Reset” in the main menu.

If the phone does not charge as quickly as you’d like after doing the preceding recommendations, you can restore all of the phone’s settings to their defaults. Let’s see how:

  • Turn off the device
  • Click and hold the Volume Up key, followed by the Control key.
  • When the POCO logo appears, let go of the Power key, but keep pressing the Volume Up key
  • When the Mi-Recovery message appears, release the Volume Up key
  • To pick anything with the Volume keys, use the Power key to confirm.
  • Confirm by selecting Wipe Data and pressing the power key.
  • Confirm by pressing the power key to trigger a wipe of all data.
  • Confirm the range by pressing the power key.
  • Click the power key to pick “return to the main menu”
  • Confirm the reboot by selecting the Reboot option and pressing the power key.
  • Click the power key to confirm.
  • Workaround: If the phone is OFF, then plug it to charge it.

If after a factory reset nothing works, turn off the phone and charge it. if all is good with the cable used to charge smartphones, adaptors, and phones itself, it should be possible to fast charge In this case, one of them is the culprit if the problem persists.

Get the phone inspected

Fast charging is one of the Pocophone F1’s key selling points. If it cannot perform that function, it does not deserve consideration as a top device. If fast charging still becomes erratic or if it stops working completely after performing all of the preceding measures, please contact the manufacturer to have it repaired or replaced.

Issue #2: I am unable to connect my pocophone to my PC, and the “tap for USB options” suggestion does not show up

Possibility: This issue may be related to the first one. It’s either a software error or a defective piece of hardware. If nothing changes, then do a factory reset and then see what changes. If that doesn’t help, your phone must have a charging port problem. In this scenario, the best choice is to get in touch with Xiaomi and have them patch or replace the handset.

Issue #3: When scrolling, the top portion of the screen can lag at times and eventually becomes completely black.
This appears to be a damaged screen. Are you completely certain that you dropped your phone before you found this problem? If you had, the drop could have caused the screen assembly to break. Have the phone fixed by sending it in. Alternatively, do a hard reset and the problem should be resolved.

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