How To Make A Perfect Milkshake!

A perfect start to the day cannot happen without having a delicious cup of milkshake. Milkshakes are synonyms with the American culture. Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Chocolate, you name the flavor and it is available in that. Milkshakes made in the house are an excellent way to start the day. But sugar is something we tend to avoid these days. Also how to get rid of sugar ants is something that is always on my mind. In this article, we will tell how to make a milkshake from scratch, which can be a good learning experience for the starters too.

Here Is How To Make The Best Milkshake In House

Here is the list of ingredients which we would require.

  • Half a cup of milk
  • 1-½ Cup of chocolate or vanilla  Ice cream
  • Chocolate syrup, finely chopped banana, strawberry, or any seasonal fruit. Use Kit Kat or use any chocolate biscuit
  • Mixer or juicer will also do

Here we go

Keep the milk in the fridge for a while so it becomes cold do not let it freeze there. Remove it after some time. Then put some milk in the mixer, add some honey, strawberry, and ice cream. Let it get mixed well. For better results add milk first. Before adding the ice cream make sure it has softened a bit so it would easily blend or else it becomes very hard to blend in that case add some milk. Add strawberry syrup for increasing the flavor. Also as we are not using sugar add some Kit Kat to bring a different taste to the milkshake. There is one tip before surviving it in the glass, Put some chocolate syrup along with the side glass and keep it in the fridge for a while. Let it get freeze for a while and remove it from the fridge and then pour the milkshake in it. We need to keep eye on the consistency so this all can be achieved if we know how much milk has to be added if you want a thicker shake then use less milk which we can have with a spoon itself. But you like to drink a shake with a straw then add more milk so that is sippable. While serving the milkshake garnish with kit kat, or homemade cookies, or add some Orea biscuit on them so they look great. Always serve them in a chilled glass.

Some tips if you want to substitute milk then use yogurt or fruit juice. Use buffalo milk instead of cow milk as it is much creamier


Hope the above article will help you make good and delicious milkshakes. All go with your instinct and do not hesitate from experimenting has this would help you increase your experience and your taste buds would relish the different kinds of milkshakes made by you. Also try to use less sugar, try to substitute it with other sweaters brown sugar or honey are a good option that can be tried. I Will share more recipes in my upcoming article.

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