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5 Simple Steps To Calibrate Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery And Prevent Quick Battery Drain

Poor battery? Quick battery drain? Are these troubling you a lot? For an iPhone user, we can understand how difficult it is to consume the fact that your battery is no longer supported and you have to spend a few bucks more to replace it with a new one.

Well, not just for an iPhone user, things are even the same for the Android users as well. However, calibrating battery can help you a lot in this situation.

Why Calibration Of A Battery Is Important?

One of the most substantial iPhone 8 Plus parts is the battery and calibration of the battery is the pivotal part of iPhone maintenance. However, many often people do not realize the importance of calibration and end up skipping this job. And the impact is they either experience the inaccurate battery readings or shrink the battery lifespan.

Here in this blog, we have listed down 5 easy steps following which you can calibrate your iPhone 8 Plus battery, ceasing the quick battery draining problem. Let’s dive into the topic.

How To Calibrate Your iPhone 8 Plus Battery? 5 Easy Steps You Can Abide By

  1. Completely drain the battery: The very first step is to drain the battery completely and discharge it to zero. You can perform this either by using the iPhone normally or by playing videos for a long time. You can even watch YouTube videos or stream a movie channel online. This will help you to drain the battery fast and allow you to complete the calibration process.

  2. Charge your phone: Once the battery discharge is done and your iPhone has automatically switched off during to zero battery level, just keep it aside for almost 3 hours and then plug your phone on charge.

    Three hours rest is needed to restore the battery condition and save the current data of the app you were using. Basically, it is time for the RAM to work. After the three hours, connect the phone to your charger and recharge the battery.

  3. Drain the charge again: Is your device completely charged? Drain it again! Sounds crazy but this will definitely work. Drain the battery to zero by following the above-mentioned tips and continue the following steps.

  4. Wait For at least 3 hours: These steps may appear to you repeating. But you need to follow this to get the best outcome. Once the battery is discharged, again wait for at least 3 hours and keep the phone on rest condition.

  5. Finally, charge the device: After the few hours, finally, it is required to charge the iPhone again and calibrate the battery. Many often we find people make use of CPU or laptop to charge their mobile phones in order to save time and energy. Do you have the same habit? In that case, you are only responsible for the damage to your phone system.

    Stop using a laptop or CPU and make use of a wall socket to charge your iphone. While purchasing your iPhone you must have got a supportive apple charger. Use this to charge your device and don’t remove it until it is 100%.

    Calibration of your iPhone battery is completed! And it is safe to use.


Besides the battery, you should also take care of all other iPhone 8 Plus parts like the speaker, camera lens, etc. to enhance the lifeline of the Apple phone.

Having any serious problems? It is better you look for an iPhone repair center and fix the issue with the help of an expert technician.

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