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Important things to know before purchasing a leather product

Leather is quite popular in the manufacturing world is not just restricted to a single product. The manufacturing process of leather is challenging and requires a lot of man-power and effort. That being said, it is not just restricted to clothing and accessories anymore. Everywhere you see, you’ll find a leather product. From office chairs to car seats, and from leather wall-shelves to leather clothes, you cannot escape from leather and its products.

Commercial and highly profitable, leather has a deep-rooted history and dates back to pre-historic times. That being said, in modern times, we have seen almost everything being carved into a leather product. From leather clothing and accessories to a variety of leather-based business cards, there are quite a lot of misconceptions about the material.

In this blog, however, we will be debunking the myths surrounding the leather and its product. We’ll talk about a few things that will make you understand why leather as a material is being used so extensively in the market and how can you differentiate a good leather with a bad leather.

So without any further delay, let us begin.

1. An original leather is never a real leather

Even though the suggestion comes around frequently, we still think it is important to mention over here. If you ever visit the market and come across store selling genuine-leather products, then bear in mind that a genuine leather is basically an extracted underside of a full-leather. While this method has been circulating in the market for decades and a lot of sellers and products have been designed using this particular type of material, it is still considered as the most unattractive part of the hide.

While there are quite a lot of demerits of using a so called ‘genuine leather,’ the material easily tears off from the product during the early days of its use. Another interesting thing worth noticing is that some of the fake leather materials are being sold in the market as authentic leather are basically different cuts of leather that are cleverly glued together to create a single product.

This leather is primarily used in cheap products and leather-covered books. Needless to say, if you are buying a cheap leather item over a quality leather item, it will not last a long-time.

However, if you are still searching for a real leather for leather manufacturing, there are a few things worth noticing in the leather. A real leather has a grainy texture or a top grainy texture and offers more elasticity than other leather materials.

But the only difference between the two materials is that top-grainy leather is sanded for aesthetic reasons. A full-grain leather, is probably the most expensive type of leather and is widely used in making exclusive leather products like belts, wallets, bags, duffel bags, etc.

2. There is not just a single type of leather available

You have heard this right. If you have decided in buying a large chunk of full-grain leather for your business, there are just a few other things that you should look for. While we agree that leather can be extracted from all sorts of animals, different animal leathers have different types of applications.

For instance, if we take horse leather into consideration, this particular type of leather is quite popular in designing wallets and duffel bags and is sturdier than other material types. But in the leather manufacturing market, cattle manufacturing is the most widely used leather primarily due to its hardwearing properties.

Due to its durable nature, a full-grain leather is mainly used in products like duffel bags, fire-protected hand gloves and vehicle safety apparel. However, the leather type is not restricted to just these items. Various clothing and accessory manufacturing companies leather products like caps, pants, and even patches.

Just like cow leather, a leather extracted from sheep has a smooth texture that gives the products an authentic look. The leather is perfect for designing and manufacturing winter-based items like hand gloves, jackets, beanies and leather caps. The leather is quite tenuous and its fabric can easily work on light shades along with decoration methods like stitching and embossing. You need to take good care of your sheep leather because if you don’t, your leather will expire over the course of time.

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