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What are the Various Types of Project Managers?

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  • What are the different types of project managers?
  • How do different managers build projects?
  • What responsibilities do different project managers perform?
  • How are various project managers different from each other?

A project manager is a cohesive force that binds the entire organisation together by developing profitable and successful projects. A project manager’s routine tasks include identifying critical challenges in the coporational setup and surmounting them, conducting meetings for tracking the project’s progress and others.

Enrolling for a course in project management can help professionals acquire deep insights into this domain. However, choosing and signing up for reliable courses is essential and must be the top-priority for learners. The XLRI project management certification online is a credible program that renders information about this sector’s particulars through its well-curated course modules. Professionals can reap several benefits of pursuing this certification course and lay a strong foundation for their careers. These courses are instrumental in teaching the different types of project managers in the corporate world today.

What are the Various Types of Project Managers?

There are different types of project managers that bring forth their elements that take the firm to newer heights:-

Technical Project Manager

The technical project manager takes complete command over the project’s practices. They focus on identifying key deliverables, performance indicators and other factors associated with the project. Technical project managers pay close attention to detail, possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and utilise critical thinking to perform their duties.

Engineering Project Managers

These project managers engineer and develop products, services, designs and processes that help in streamlining work-flows and increase efficiency. Engineering project managers conduct research and lead the development of new methodologies that help optimise organisational processes. They create prototypes, conduct tutorials and bring on board competent employees that help bring the engineering designs into practicality.

Financial Project Manager

Financial project managers focus on maintaining  the financial health of their project. They utilise their financial knowledge in developing business plans and strategies that help in achieving financial goals of their corporation. Key responsibilities of financial project managers include- generating, monitoring and reviewing financial reports etc.

Analytical Project Manager

Analytical project managers make well-informed, data-driven decisions for implementing the project’s policies and strategies. They capitalise on data analysis for seeking new business opportunities. Analytical project managers are great leaders who challenge the existing strategies and build projects that facilitate business growth.

Summation of Different Types of Project Managers

Although different in their approaches and areas of concern, the various types of project managers have the common goal of bolstering organisational growth and strengthening the financial situation of the corporations.

Therefore, developing an understanding of a project manager’s roles and responsibilities through a course in project management can help professionals immensely. Furthermore, the XLRI project management certification online allows young executives to learn about different project managers types.

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