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What is Invisalign A Discreet Alternative to Traditional Braces

What is Invisalign: A Discreet Alternative to Traditional Braces

Invisalign consists of a series of clear, plastic aligners worn sequentially to gradually shift teeth into place over months. As an alternative to conspicuous metal braces, Invisalign offers a subtler and removable option to achieve a straighter smile through enamel-safe movements. Keep reading to learn all about Invisalign treatment including insider tips, proper care and average pricing in the UK.

What is Invisalign and How Does it Work?

Invisalign utilizes a series of BPA-free plastic “trays” perfectly customized to fit your teeth and oral anatomy. Each set of aligners applies calibrated pressure on specific teeth to inch them closer to the desired position per your personalized treatment plan. About every two weeks, you’ll switch to the next tray in sequence to advance progress.

The virtually invisible Invisalign system straightens mildly to moderately crooked teeth using the same teeth-moving principles as braces. Precision pressure repositions teeth into more harmonious alignment while staying firmly rooted in the gums and jawbone.

Invisalign Tips from Dental Experts

Consider the following advice to make the most of your Invisalign London experience:

Maintain excellent oral hygiene – Brush and floss after eating or drinking with aligners out. Soaking trays in cleaning solution also reduces bacteria and staining.

Stick to the wear-time schedule – Wearing aligners the recommended 22 hours a day ensures sufficient pressure is applied to teeth during this critical movement window.

Use the Invisalign removal tool – The two-pronged device pops aligners off back molars easily without prying that could crack or distort them.

Bring aligners everywhere – Whenever eating, drinking or playing contact sports, put aligners safely back in their case to avoid accidentally tossing or damaging them.

Opt for whitening treatments afterwards – Since Invisalign won’t actually whiten like metal braces, whitening before or after completes the smile transformation.

Properly caring for Invisalign and committing to consistent wear achieves the superb final results you want while keeping additional treatment needs and fees at a minimum.

After Invisalign: Retention and Hygiene Tips

With teeth straightened to perfection, retaining results is essential. The body naturally wants to revert straightened teeth back to old positions so doctors prescribe retainers during the stabilization period which takes months or years.

Invisalign provides complimentary Vivera retainers to wear nightly after aligners that resemble the last tray. Traditional wire or Hawley retainers are also common for ongoing retention after completing treatment. Wearing retainers exactly as advised prevents teeth from shifting and sustaining straightened smiles.

Patients also often receive professional take-home whitening kits or in-office whitening post-treatment to remove any lingering stains on enamel from aligner wear and enjoy maximum brightness. Whiter teeth make straightened smiles dazzle even more beautifully.

While less hassle than braces, retaining impeccable oral hygiene during Invisalign is also paramount. Meticulous brushing and flossing prevents cavity risk and keeps aligners and teeth fresh. Schedule professional cleaning every 6 months as well to supplement home care remedies.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in the UK?

The cost of Invisalign in the UK ranges from £2,000 to £5,500 or more depending on what dentists in your area charge. However, many practices offer flexible financing options to offset charges over time, making achieving an enviable smile more affordable.

Generally speaking, overall Invisalign pricing depends mainly on these factors:

  • How long treatment takes: Additional aligners and appointment needs for more complex cases cost more overall.
  • Your dentist’s charges: Practices in posh London areas typically charge higher fees than those up North, for example.
  • Supplementary treatments: Some patients need ancillary procedures like tooth contouring or extractions done first to optimize aligner effectiveness and fit.

With an increasing number of providers offering Invisalign Wimbledon, shopping around helps discover the best deals in your city. And direct competitors keep prices in check overall relative to consumer demand.

Invisalign Deals in the London Area

Take advantage of these orthodontic specialists running Invisalign promotions in London to save on costs:

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The London Orthodontic Centre: Fixed £2,600 fee for comprehensive Invisalign treatment using latest Express 10 modality

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