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How To Plan A Winning Essay

Ask a student what they hate the most about academic assignments; the answer would be the same; essay writing. However, these documents are the basis of recognizing a student’s aptitude and grip on a particular subject; therefore, they are necessary at all educational levels. A student can procrastinate and rant about them, but the fact remains they are unavoidable and must be completed. Essay writing is more enjoyable than any other assignment only if students know how to attempt them. They can be as short as 500 words or as long as 10 pages, but the fundamentals remain the same. Following is a guide that will help students not only attempt it but also construct a high-scoring one. Assignmentmavens reviews is best essay writing service.

The Topic

Most students will only know the topic and nothing else about it. However, most of your work will be done if you understand the topic’s requirements. For example, “America a booming economy or a case study of rapid recession.” If you look at the topic immediately, you are forced to take a side and stick to it. This is where most students ruin their essays; they don’t grasp the context and start writing incoherently. Essays require you to choose a side, present supporting arguments, and deliver an emphatic conclusion. Therefore, the next time you receive such an assignment, take your time and understand the context.

The Questions

Students and their professors often have a communication gap, which results in low-scoring assignments. However, if you ask your professors questions about the topic, they will answer them without any issue. When a topic is assigned, you must ask questions like preferred tone, word count, formatting, research material, side of the argument, and other such questions. These are some basic questions, but you can ask more for your convenience. Remember, the professor wants to learn more about your knowledge and writing skills; their reputation also depends on how well their students perform. Therefore, they will answer your questions, so ask as many without hesitation.  

The Research

A couple of fundamentals are necessary before writing an essay; one of them is research. You have picked a side, asked questions, and now you must research the subject matter. Essays are unique as they combine your viewpoint and facts already stated by other researchers. It’s very rare to get a topic where you have to research it and then offer solutions; that type of writing is for research papers. In essay writing, you will be collecting research, but it will be from other authors. You simply have to study them and build a narrative from there on. However, you must remember to reference them accurately to avoid plagiarism. 

The Outline

Once you complete the pre-requisites, it’s time to start the writing process. Most students fail to recognize the importance of a well-built outline. Partial blame can be placed on teachers in your high school who also fail to emphasize its importance. Whether an essay or a doctorate thesis, an outline helps you structure the document accurately. Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion make up an outline; however, consider it a flow chart that further divides into sub-categories. For example, under the introduction, make bullet points of the information you want to include; they can be keywords or sentences, whatever suits you best. The whole point of this exercise is to maintain a logical narrative and follow the chronological sequence. The outline also helps you focus on the main content and its context; therefore, take your time and make an elaborative one before writing. You will be surprised by the speed you will complete the essay.

The Introduction

The hardest part by far is the introduction to an essay. Your research is on point, and your outline is excellent, but if you fail to write a convincing introduction, all your efforts will be in vain. This is why accomplished writers suggest attempting it once you finish the writing. Usually, an introduction contains a hook to keep the reader interested, a thesis statement serving the purpose of why the essay is written. However, the key to a good introduction is minimalism. Don’t go overboard with details; write 5-6 lines that are concise but packed with information about what the reader should expect.

The References

It’s wrong to think you will not consult other authors and researchers’ work to write your essay. However, not mentioning them in your writing is a greater offense. If you are quoting or using other people’s work in your essay, always accurately reference them. Failure to do so can result in low marks or complete rejection from the professor. 

Essays might be difficult, but they are an interesting writing instrument. Although writing depends a lot on personal style, fundamentals remain the same. Take inspiration from the above points and write a winning and high-scoring one for your next assignment. For more info visit: