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How to Move Internationally Without Breaking the Bank

Many people dream of traveling abroad and seeing a new part of the world. There is much information about how to move internationally, with opinions all over the map. Most people agree that traveling and living abroad is an important part of life. If you are ready to pack your bags and jump across the pond, you will find this post extremely helpful. It has advice on budgeting and choosing a location and tips for first-timers and experienced movers. This move may cost you less than you think, and you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime. If you are ready to move abroad, consider these ways of minimizing the cost.

1. Go to a Place You Know Someone

Whether you have family or friends living in another country, getting to know someone will benefit you. This gives you a head start on locating the needed services and arranging the necessary paperwork. You could even ask your host family or a friend who lives there if they can recommend a company, especially if they have had the experience of moving abroad. Your host family might have a friend who works with an international moving company, and they can point you in the right direction.

2. Consider a Destination You’ve Always Wanted to Visit

You might want to move overseas to be closer to your extended family, or there might be a special place you have always wanted to visit. This can be a great start, but remember that it will come with added costs such as accommodations and food. If you have family already living there, they will probably help you out. If not, you could always stay at a hotel and save money by cooking for yourself.

3. Get Several Online Moving Quotes

Because there are so many moving companies out there, you could get one moving quote and then call several others for a second opinion. You can also check online to see if any hidden costs weren’t included in the given price. This is a quick way to find a company with cost-saving extras, such as free packing materials and in-home moves. An online moving quote will also give you a rough estimate of the total cost of your move. If the price for one company is too high, you may be able to find another one that will offer the same services at a lower cost.

4. Use Up-to-Date Software to Save Money

The industry has advanced so much over the years that today there is online software that can help you get started faster, research companies, and save money by comparing prices, so you can find the best deal. This is especially important for first-time movers and families who are moving together. If you feel you have all the necessary information and it is time to look for the best deals, check out the numerous software online.

5. Make a List of Your Possessions

It’s a good idea to list all the items you take with you. If you have antique pieces or anything irreplaceable, this is especially crucial. Note the condition of each possession and how it was acquired. You will also have an appraisal done on expensive items that need customs documentation before traveling overseas. This includes things like vehicles, antiques, jewelry, and other valuables.

6. Budget for the Move

Estimates are everything when it comes to moving abroad. You need to research, talk to friends who have moved, and compare moving quotes before making a decision. Ensure all the costs are accounted for, including travel and miscellaneous expenses like packing supplies or shipping boxes. You will be surprised at how much extra money you can save by making this step first. You can use a budgeting tool, such as, to help you become more financially responsible by showing you where your money goes each month.

7. Consider the Exchange Rates

If you have already been to the country you are moving to, you may want to check online for the currency exchange rate. Remember that these rates change frequently, so it might be a good idea to track them. Keep in mind that if a currency is rising, it can make moving abroad less affordable.


Ultimately, deciding to move abroad should not be based on how much money you want to save. You will likely find that there is more to experiencing a new part of the world than what money can buy. Do your research and consider other ways of cutting costs to see if it makes more sense for you to move.